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How many European travellers arrive by air to developing countries?

This study analyses which developing countries are most in demand among European travellers arriving by air. The top ten destinations for European travellers in 2018 are Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, China, India, South Africa, Mexico, Tunisia, and Cuba. All top destinations mentioned, with the exception of Cuba, will see sustained growth in the number of travellers over 2019. For each destination this study shows a country profile diving deeper into origin countries, traveller profiles, booking channels, and length of stays.

The European Package Travel Directive

In 2018, the new European Package Travel Directive came into force. This directive protects European travellers’ rights when booking package holidays. It applies to both European tour operators and foreign parties selling travel products directly to European travellers. As a travel organiser who is active on the European market, you should inform yourself about the Package Travel Directive and take the necessary precautions.

Developing Community Based Tourism in Myanmar

Around Asia, hundreds of community based tourism (CBT) programs have been developed by local communities, with support from governments, tour operators  and  NGOs. Successful CBT inspires  tourists, nurtures cross-cultural understanding, creates skills, jobs and income for community members and helps to fund grassroots social and environmental initiatives.

This Manual presents first-hand experiences, tools and lessons learned between 2014 and 2017, implementing the project NTF III Myanmar: Inclusive Tourism focusing on Kayah State.

What are the opportunities in emerging Eastern European tourism markets?

Due to rapidly growing economies and incomes, an increasing number of Eastern Europeans are travelling abroad. These markets show some of the highest growth rates in trips to developing countries. Poland, the Baltic States, Romania and Slovakia are the most promising source markets for you. Mainstream sun and beach holidays and round trips are most popular, combined with culture and nature. Demand for niche products like wellness tourism is increasing, as well as online booking.

What are the opportunities for LGBT travel from Europe?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) travel is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors. Europe is a main source market, with especially good opportunities in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Smaller countries in northern and western Europe are also promising. LGBT travellers generally have high spending power and travel relatively often. To tap into this market, authentic LGBT-friendliness is key. Beach and cultural holidays are popular, while LGBT family travel is on the rise.

Gender in Myanmar tourism

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” – Kofi Annan

Myanmar was ruled by the military for many years, until a new constitution in 2011 formally ended military rule. Throughout history, women were seen as housewives and considered inferior. But change is coming, as can be seen in the CBI Sustainable Tourism Development Asia programme, where 8 out of 15 companies are managed or owned by women.

NepalNOW Campaign – Nepal’s tourism recovery efforts

The earthquakes that took place in the spring of 2015 in Nepal led to enormous devastation and took more than 8,000 lives. This led to a decrease of the tourism sector since people had the idea that Nepal was no longer a safe destination. In order to reverse this idea the Nepal Tourism Board and Nepali tour operators set up as a website and social media campaign with support of CBI.

What is the demand for tourism services in developing countries?

As a main source region for long haul tourism, Europe offers you good opportunities. Germany, the United Kingdom and France are the largest markets, but other countries are also promising. Eastern European countries show the highest growth in trips to developing countries. Smaller northern and western European countries boast a high per capita number of trips to developing countries. Their tourism expenditure per capita is also the highest. Study the countries to select your ideal markets.

How to be a successful tourism company online?

The place to find European customers for your tourism company is online. For this, you need a good website and be active on social media. European travellers prefer to book online and expect quick replies. They especially value the opinions of other travellers. So it’s important that your satisfied customers speak for you on channels like social media and review websites. If you manage your online presence well, you will attract new business and keep existing customers happy!

How to start a travel blog?

Travel blogging is one of the most important ways to generate sales for your tourism products. It can increase your sales in your existing target market, as well as create new opportunities, for example by using bloggers from different disciplines, which appeal to a new group of potential customers. Therefore, you need to invest in writing, maintaining and planning your company’s travel blog. To get the most out of your travel blogging, these are our top 10 tips!


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