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CBI is the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries

What can CBI do for me?

CBI supports entrepreneurs to become successful exporters to the European market through our export coaching projects. Moreover, CBI publishes around 300 market studies every year.

Icon: Export to Europe

Export to Europe

Do you want to export your product to Europe? We can assist you.

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Icon: Market Information

Market information

Read our market studies to find information that helps you with exporting to Europe.

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Icon: Import from a developing country

Import from a developing country

Information and assistance for European importers who want to find opportunities in developing countries.

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Icon: Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

Information for business support organisations and experts that want to work together with CBI.

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catastrophic effect of Covid-19 on the tourism industry

Managing the catastrophic effect of Covid-19 on the tourism industry

The worldwide spread of Covid-19 is causing devastating disruption to people...

corona virus


The outbreak of COVID-19 has had major consequences for the whole world.

G3 certificate

New technical requirements for the CBI website and forms

Government websites are secure. This means people with malicious intent cannot intercept and...

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