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CBI aims to improve the quantity and quality of exports. With this project, we aim to help upgrade the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) value chain in Jordan. To improve the value chain, CBI supports introducing new technologies and new, higher value-added crops. CBI also wants to help companies enter higher-end consumer markets.

This project looks for opportunities to reduce Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks and industrial water consumption. Via this project, CBI also supports the Jordan Exporters and Producers Association (JEPA) for Fruit and Vegetables in becoming the leading business support organisation in the sector. CBI will help JEPA improve their services and create more awareness on CSR.

Project details

This project focuses on:

  1. Business export coaching; including:
    1. Group workshops on subjects like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and
    2. Individual company coaching from a CBI Expert. The expert bases coaching on the export assessment outcome, including tailor-made CSR improvements.
  2. Capacity development in the export enabling environment with JEPA.
  3. Creating sector collaboration in the fresh fruits and vegetables sector. The project does this by creating a sector platform for public-private dialogue on sector-wide issues and opportunities.  


Partners in this project include:

CBI also works with International Labour Organisation (ILO), Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM) and the Jordan Dates Association. The local CBI partner in Jordan is Competence Management Consulting (CMC).

Project participants and products

31 small and medium-sized enterprises are taking part in this export coaching project.

21 of these SMEs are English/Arab-speaking:

Company name


Abuayyash Farms

Medjool dates

Adwan BA Family Farm/GrowJo

Medjool dates, vegetables, bananas

Aghadeer Farm

Medjool dates, capsicum, grapes

Al Meras  (Green Moab)

Medjool dates

Arabian Dates

Medjool dates

Avenue Agri

Medjool dates, vine leaves

Ayla Premium Dates

Medjool dates

Yaqout Dates Farm

Medjool dates

Basateen Al Ordon

Medjool dates

Blume/Palmera Dates Agriculture and trading

Medjool dates

First food for Vegetables industry/Ashtal products


Five Dates

Medjool dates

Fresh Yield International                                  

Watermelon, nectarine, peach, plum, Medjool dates

Gammoh Farms

Medjool dates

Jannat Adan Farms Company (JAFCO)                            

Medjool dates, grapes

Jordan River Dates

Medjool dates

Nawa Dates Farms

Medjool dates

Odeh for Fruits and Vegetables Trading

vegetables, strawberries

Sand Rose Farm

Medjool dates

Tadros Farms

Medjool dates

Tree of Life/Mother Earth Jordan

Medjool dates

10 of these SMEs are Arab-speaking:

Company Name


Abu Jaber Farms

Medjool dates

Aghassan Agricultural Co.

Medjool dates

AlHafez Madjool Dates Farm

Medjool dates

Muhammed Abu Ayyash

Medjool dates

Petra Dates

Medjool dates

Re'ed Al-Hamshari Trading Est.

Medjool dates

Sama Farms Company

Medjool dates

Sarah Farms

Medjool dates

Sedra Dates

Medjool dates

Telal al noor dates

Medjool dates

Contact Programme Manager Melanie van der Baaren-Haga to find out more or to contact these exporters directly.

You can also meet some of these potential suppliers at different trade fairs. For more information, contact CBI or visit our event page.  


This project involves:

  • Multi-year coaching and training on export capacity building. Highly-qualified CBI experts provide this training;
  • Help in developing the company’s export strategy for high-potential markets in Europe, the Gulf and Indonesia;
  • Advice on what certification is suitable to your market entry strategy;
  • Coaching to get certification, for example, GlobalG.A.P. and BRC.
  • Help to implement a CSR action Plan;
  • A CSR committee that meets every 2 months to create awareness and discuss opportunities for sustainable solutions;
  • Participation in high-potential international trade fairs, such as the Fruit Logistica in Berlin, International Food & Drinks Event in London, and SIAL in Jakarta;
  • Participation in a market-orientation mission to Europe/the Gulf region; and
  • Training on market consolidation after the trade fairs and export marketing mission.  

More information 

For more information on this project, see our news item: Jordanian farmers experience success in Europe with Medjool dates. 

Or visit our event page to see a recording of our Online panel discussion: Opportunities in exporting dates.

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