COVID-19 boosts importance of wellness trend in HDHT sector

Consumers’ desire to improve their wellness is an important trend in the Home Decoration & Home Textiles (HDHT) sector. The COVID-19 pandemic is increasing this need, as more people are aware of the importance of their mental and physical well-being.

Wellness: An important trend in HDHT

Of the trends in the European HDHT sector, interest in wellness has been around for a long time. And it is becoming even more popular as people try to cope with the stress of their hectic daily lives. You can see this search for a more healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle in consumers’ choices for the decoration of their home. For example, connecting with nature is a common way to improve well-being. One way consumers do this is by bringing plants into the home and choosing HDHT products that use natural materials, patterns and shapes.

The COVID-19 crisis has created a stressful and uncertain situation for consumers worldwide. As a result, people are more concerned with both their mental and physical wellness than ever before. They are looking for simple things they can do to improve their well-being. The HDHT sector can play an important role in this. The sector offers a wide range of products to make the home the ideal place to reduce stress and relax – both during this pandemic and after.

Spa experiences at home

Many European consumers include spa and yoga practices in their lifestyles. In fact, Europe is the global leader in spa revenues. Consumers are also creating spa experiences at home. They do this by using products such as:

The current pandemic measures restrict access to spa facilities and wellness travel. This may cause more and more consumers to try and create a spa atmosphere at home instead.

Decluttering and creating space

More and more often, European consumers struggle with small urban living spaces and high levels of consumption. Decluttering their homes helps them to relax. It creates both physical space and mental space. The recent lockdowns in European countries have made this especially relevant, as people were forced to stay at home together. Storage products, such as baskets, are a welcome aid in achieving and maintaining a tidy home. Multifunctional occasional furniture pieces can also provide some much-needed space and flexibility.

Slow dining

Another aspect of wellness is slow cooking and social dining. This trend involves preparing healthy meals and taking the time to sit and enjoy dinner with family and friends. This boosts physical and mental wellness. Due to the pandemic, people are spending more time cooking and socialising as a family/household. Many plan to keep doing so in the future. This could further create interest in various types of cutlery and dinnerware.

This news article was written for CBI by Globally Cool B.V. in collaboration with GO! GoodOpportunity and Remco Kemper.

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