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Leisure tourism is an important sector for generating income and jobs in Ethiopia. The destination has unique features to offer. Ethiopia's wonderful mountains, volcanic landscapes, historic sights, and mammals and birds are very attractive to European market segments. Ethiopia has the potential to attract higher-spending European tourists. At the same time, these tourists often value sustainability.

In 2019, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) started the Tourism Ethiopia project. In this project, CBI small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grasp opportunities. The project focuses on sustainability, product diversification, destination marketing and management, and community engagement. CBI helps SMEs develop as tourism providers. It aims to build a sound foundation for future durable growth in the Ethiopian tourism sector.

Project goals 

This project aims to: 
•    Help leisure tourism from European Union (EU) markets grow; 
•    Lay the foundations for a sustainable and durable Ethiopian tourism sector.

Project participants and products

18 companies are taking part in this export coaching project. All participants are sustainable, inbound tour operators based in Addis Ababa. Their company sizes range between 5 to 20 employees. 

Company nameProducts/services
Anbessa TravelTrekking, hiking, bird watching, village tours and safari tourism.
Coffee Tours EthiopiaCultural and heritage tourism and car rentals.
Dynasty Ethiopia ToursBaking, history, cultural and heritage, trekking, birding and community-based tourism.
Ethioder Tour and TravelTrekking, historical, cultural, adventure and community-based tourism.
Ethiopia Hagere Tour and TravelTrekking, historical, cultural and heritage and community-based tourism.
ETL Tour and TravelCultural and heritage, historical, trekking, community-based, coffee, volcano, eco, safari and bird-watching tourism.
FK Explorer Ethiopia Travel & Tours PLC History, cultural and heritage, trekking, festival and community-based tourism.
Freeland Tour and TravelCultural and heritage, natural and wildlife and religious tourism.
Inside Ethiopia ToursCultural, heritage, trekking and community-based tourism.
Karibu Ethiopia ToursCultural and heritage, trekking and adventure, bird watching, solidary and community-based tourism.
Kompas Ethiopia TourMountain trekking, hiking, horse riding, community-based, cultural and heritage, cycling, photography, educational, festival and events and adventure tourism.
Pleasure Ethiopia Tour and TravelCultural, historical, adventure and trekking tourism.
Simien Eco ToursCultural, trekking and mountain biking tourism.
Tesfa ToursTrekking, cultural and heritage tourism, and short trips and city tours.
Timeless Ethiopia TouringCultural and heritage, trekking, bird watching, adventure, pilgrimage, botany and special interest tourism (photography and filming).
Yama Ethiopia ToursCultural and heritage, trekking, historical and community-based tourism.
Yared Tour and TravelHistorical, community, trekking, low budget and speciality tourism (coffee tour, bird watching).
Zersi Ethiopia Tour Travel and Car RentTrekking, cultural and heritage, community-based, family and business tourism.

Contact CBI to find out more or visit Ethiopia Travel Specialists for more information, pictures, and videos of the inbound tour operators involved in this CBI project.

To meet a selection of these tour operators in person, visit us at the ITB Berlin Convention from 5-7 March 2024. 




This project includes:

  • Multi-year individual coaching of 18 selected tour operators by CBI’s sector experts;
  • Participation in (online) workshops and training sessions. Subjects include sustainable tourism, community product development, and business skills;
  • Support to get relevant certifications, such as the Travellife certification;
  • Help with making connections in the European market; 
  • Participation in the ITB Berlin Convention in March 2024, with a selection of tour operators offering sustainable tour packages. 



In 2022, we developed an online B2B portal Ethiopia Travel Specialists. All 18 participants have a profile on the website, with videos, stories, USPs and an interview with the owners. The portal focuses on promotion of the tour operators. Potential partners are redirected to the tour operator's website. The B2B portal is also linked to a LinkedIn campaign targeted at EU tour operators.

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in tourism services from companies in Ethiopia? Contact CBI to get more information or to meet with suppliers in this project being trained to export to Europe.


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