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Let CBI show you the way to the lucrative market of European leisure tourists!

The destination Ethiopia has a wealth of unique features that are especially attractive for specific European market segments. In CBI’s 2017 Tourism to Ethiopia, Senegal and Zambia: EU Market Scan, European markets were prioritized among the “core” markets with high revenue potential and high affinity for leisure travel to Ethiopia.

As of now, the potential for attracting more, higher spending and more sustainability-aware European tourists is not fully utilized. CBI’s export program aims to support the Ethiopian tourism sector to grasp these opportunities for further growth on European markets. At the same time, the program aims to support building a sound foundation for future sustainable and durable growth.

Are you an incoming tour operators and do you have the ambition to attract more, higher spending and more sustainability-aware tourists from Europe?

The Netherlands Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) can show you the way. CBI has been helping the tourism business to attract more tourists from Europe since its foundation in 1971. During the last decade CBI has carried out Integrated Value Chain Tourism Programs in several destinations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Experiences and lessons-learned from these programs have enabled CBI to design a best practice methodology to promote tourism from the EU to its partner countries.

What can you expect from a CBI program?

After a thorough and long preparatory phase, we are now ready to start our long-term program for the tourism sector in Ethiopia. The programme will both focus on individual SMEs and on sector issues. For you as an incoming tour operator the CBI program offers the following:

  • 4-5 Year custom made individual company (+ sector) coaching by different international and local tourism specialists, focused on exporting to the EU.
  • Plenary workshops and trainings.
  • Opportunities to join different international trade fairs or events.

We will pay special attention to the following subjects in the Ethiopian tourism sector:

  • Sustainability
  • Product diversification
  • Destination marketing
  • Destination management
  • Community engagement

What do we expect from our participants?

  • A pro-active and flexible attitude.
  • Commitment to the activities and external coaching for the duration of the program.
  • Commitment and sufficient time investment to the tailor made action plan for your
  • Company.
  • Ambition and motivation to take the next steps with your company.
  • Willingness and ability to invest in your company and in international market entry.
  • Commitment to share with us on a yearly basis your market growth and employment growth.
  • Commitment to engage with us to increase sustainability practices in the tourism sector.

Criteria for participation

  • The above mentioned commitments and attitude.
  • You are an incoming tour operator.
  • You have not participated in a CBI export coaching program before.
  • Your company is at least 51% Ethiopian owned.
  • Your company is not a joint venture with a company based in a country with a classification of LMIC or higher.
  • You are in business for at least 2 years.
  • Your company’s management is able to communicate in English.

The final selection of participants will take place based on evaluation of the applicant companies by CBI experts on the above criteria and in consultation with CBI partner organizations in Ethiopia.

Costs of participation

CBI will not charge a participation fee. Most costs of the program’s activities will be financed by CBI. The following costs, however, will have to be borne by participants:

  • Flights and other travel expenses in case of participation in international trade show activities.
  • Domestic travel expenses in case of training outside your city of residence.
  • Investments regarding improvements to be made within your company.

Sounds interesting?

Apply for the CBI program by downloading the application form and make the first step towards this investment in the future of your company. You can apply until 31st July, 2019.

For further information, please email one of our contact persons:

Programme Managers Sustainable Tourism Ethiopia: Jochem Boodt and Wim van Heumen Logistics Manager Jorith van der Spek

About CBI

The Centre for the Promotions of Import from developing countries (CBI) is part of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic development in developing countries through the expansion of export from these countries.

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