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Due to health trends in the EU, there is an increased demand for high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Jordan offers this premium olive oil and is unique as it has the oldest olive trees in the world. Some of these trees are more than 3,000 years old. To boost the potential of the olive oil sector in Jordan, CBI started a project.

The project aims to help turn the olive oil sector into a business-oriented, high-quality and sustainable value chain with an attractive country brand. The project helps exporters gain a strong position in the high-end segments on the European market for olive oil.

Project partners

Main project partners include:

CBI project 2020-2024

This project contributes to CBI’s goal to sustainably develop sectors in emerging economies.
The project focuses on 5 goals:

  1. Olive mills become competitive in exporting extra virgin olive oil internationally;
  2. Companies contribute positively to their environment. This involves water and labour conditions, among other things;
  3. Improved sector collaboration and service delivery;
  4. Development of Jordan’s olive oil brand;
  5. More knowledge and gender equality in the sector.

Participants and products

16 companies are taking part in this export coaching project.

Company name

Products / services

Al Khair Wal Baraka for Olive milling and Marketing

Extra virgin olive oil

Al Toor for Olive products

Olive products

Alawneh Agriculture EST

Extra virgin olive oil

Alia Specialized Industries Co.

Extra virgin olive oil

Aljazazi Modern

Extra virgin olive oil

Al-Maida Agricultural

Extra virgin olive oil

Alzyoud Olive Oil Mill

Extra virgin olive oil

Diamond Mill

Extra virgin olive oil

Good Food Mood

Extra virgin olive oil

Hofa Al-Wasatiah Olive Mill

Organic Extra virgin olive oil and organic Medjool dates

Jordan Modern food Industries Co.

Extra virgin olive oil

Majdal Agricultural Company ltd / Al Yaqoota

Extra virgin olive oil

Majdal Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Mawassem for the Production of Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive Bloom Mills LTD.

Extra virgin olive oil

Samain Ideal Olive Oil Mill

Extra virgin olive oil

Contact CBI to find out more about these exporters or to contact them.

If you are an importer of extra virgin olive oil, please contact CBI so we can introduce you to these Jordanian companies.

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in extra virgin olive oil from companies in Jordan? Contact CBI to get more information or to meet with the suppliers in this project who are being trained to export to Europe.


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