CBI’s Export Coaching Project on Home Decoration & Home Textiles

The objective of this project is to make the HDHT sector in Bangladesh more export competent, enabling it to better grasp the European market opportunities by taking away export marketing related bottlenecks.

There is a strong trend in the Western world of striving for individuality and originality. Current EU market trends including increased importance of niche markets like for fair trade, handmade, sustainable, eco-friendly products, give promising opportunities for the HDHT sector in Bangladesh. Most of the products are handmade and takes place by producers in villages in the rural areas. Ancient, traditional techniques and skills are applied and natural materials are used.

Focal points of the CBI project

The focus will be on those product groups that have the best chances to become successful in terms of export growth and employment creation during the project period: basketry, shopping bags/totes, rugs/mats and decorative home textiles made (combinations of) jute, grasses, cotton incl. waste and recycled materials.

By establishing sustainable export relations on the European market, it will increase export revenues, create employment and income opportunities especially for women workers active in the HDHT production.

A total of 26 companies are taking part in this business export coaching project

Name of company (+link to their website)


Aranya Crafts Ltd.




Artisan Creations Bangladesh


Artisan House BD


Artisan Hut




Bangla Matti


BaSE - Bangladesh Hoshto Shilpo Ekota Sheba Shongshtha


Basha Enterprises Ltd


Bengal Craft


Crafts Villages Ltd.


Eco Craft


FineFair Craft


Hajiganj Handicrafts


HEED Handicrafts


Jalal Nagor Development Program (JNDP)


Jermatz Ltd.


Kumarkhali by Hand Touch


Kumudini Handicraft




Mony Jute Goods and Handicrafts Ind


Parijat Trading


Rishilpi Handicrafts Limited


Studio Bibiana Limited


Thanapara Swallows Development Society


Weavers Bangladesh



We will be working closely with the Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh, the sector association Banglacraft, the Jute Diversification Promotion Centre, the fair trade platform ECOTA and others to further develop the handmade home decoration and home textiles sector in Bangladesh. Important areas of attention are enhancing sector collaboration and supporting organizations with improving/developing relevant trade services.


Coaching and training by different international and local sector specialists on subjects like:

  • Multi-year coaching and training on export capacity building by highly qualified CBI experts.
  • Assistance with developing the company’s specific Europe market strategy.
  • Assistance in what certification is suitable for their market entry strategy and coaching to obtain the certification you need.
  • Assistance with the implementation of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).
  • Participation in suitable European trade fair(s).
  • Participation in a European market orientation mission.
  • Market testing of the products.
  • Training on market consolidation after the trade fairs and export marketing mission.

Previous CBI ECP HDHT Bangladesh

CBI carried out an Export Coaching Project in the HDHT sector in Bangladesh which finished in 2017. Bangladesh is well known for growing a wide variety of natural fibres. The nine Bangladeshi companies who participated in CBI’s Export Coaching Project for sustainable home decoration all work with these materials from renewable sources: palm leaf, seagrass, jute, water hyacinth, silk, date leaf and hemp. These versatile raw materials have many applications: as the basic material for baskets and rugs, as an accent in handwoven fabrics and as the basis for beautiful accessories. Each of the companies in this Export Coaching Project has managed to create its signature style collection, marrying traditional skills with contemporary influences. For products that appeal now and in the future!

Products of participating companies, for example:

Get involved as an importer

Are you an European importer interested in mid- to higher-end HDHT manufacturers from Bangladesh? You can contact CBI to get more information or to meet with these suppliers who are being trained to export to Europe. Please find more information on https://www.linkingmakerandmarket.com/.


Should you have questions on any aspect of the project, please send your email to consumer@cbi.eu. Another possibility is to meet the suppliers at the next international event they will attend. Please find more information on https://www.cbi.eu/events/.

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