CBI’s Export Coaching Project on Home Decoration Indonesia

This project aims to make Indonesia’s Home Decoration sector and the relevant stakeholders capable of supporting further export development of the chain.

The importance and the variety of mid and mid-high segments in the home decoration market in Europe, provide a unique opportunity for Indonesian businesses outside their existing export markets. This is particularly true for fair-trade, handmade, sustainable and eco-friendly products from Asia, which are part of a current market trend in demand.

Indonesia is already known as a source of wooden and rattan products due to its abundance of raw materials and high weaving artisanal skills. This advantage can be leveraged to build a stronger position in the high market segments discussed above. CBI collaborates with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Craft, business support organisations HIMKI and DEKRANAS, in the home decoration sector project to provide support and services for local export development. A systematic sector approach supported by all relevant sector stakeholders will guide the project, identifying market opportunities for the HD sector in Indonesia, continuously benchmarking the opportunities against obstacles.

Focal points of the CBI programme

The strategy is to build a strong enabling environment, committed and capable of supporting such development. To strengthen trust and collaboration among the major stakeholders in the value chain, the project will use interventions such as a national private public platform (PPP), regional PPPs, working groups and a steering committee. The project will also equip the local Business Support Organisations (BSO) to deliver in the future business export coaching services to SMEs (based on the CBI methodology) willing to export.

During the CBI programme, the companies are trained to improve their export strategy, production quality, efficiency, sourcing, marketing and commercial matchmaking in Europe. Sustainability is an important theme in this project. With the companies, we are working on creating more social and environmental awareness through the ‘Sustainable Design Methodology’.

Project participants

A total of 22 companies are taking part in this export coaching programme

Name of company (+link to their website)


CV Cocoon Asia


CV Dijawa Abadi


CV Palem Craft Jogja


CV Pandanus Internusa


CV Piviko Manunggal


CV Ribka Furniture


CV. Nurissah Indomakmur


DIVADI Boat Wood Furniture




PT Adi Kencana Agung Jaya


PT Kriya Selaras International (Djalin)


PT Polytech Royal Utama

www.thestorastore.com www.superrattan.id

PT Suwastama Tumbuemas Sejahtera


PT. Eastern Living International


PT. Harmoni Jaya Kreasi


PT. Intera Indonesia


PT. Karunia Kasih Abadi


PT.Wirasindo Santakarya (WISANKA)




SEKEN – Recycle Teak


Sentana Art Wood


Siji Life Style


You can contact CBI to find out more or to get in touch with these exporters.


Coaching and training by different international and local sector specialists on subjects like:

  • Multi-year coaching and training on export capacity building by highly qualified CBI experts.
  • Assistance with developing the company’s specific Europe market strategy.
  • Assistance with the implementation of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR).
  • Assistance with determining company’s specific market entry channels e.g. European trade fair(s), online marketing.
  • Participation in a European market orientation mission.
  • Market testing of the products.
  • Assisting relevant stakeholders with developing a local export coaching programme
  • Assisting sector stakeholders with defining sector strategy including ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.


We will be working closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Craft, and business support organisations HIMKI and DEKRANAS and others to further develop the home decoration sector in Indonesia. Important areas of attention are enhancing sector collaboration, developing a local export coaching programme and supporting organizations with improving/developing relevant trade services.

Experiences from a previous CBI Export Coaching Project Indonesia

CBI has carried quite a number of Export Coaching Projects in the Home Decoration/Home Textiles in Indonesia in the last decade, the latest finishing in 2017.

Indonesia is well known for growing a wide variety of natural fibres and its craftsmanship. CBI’s latest Export Coaching Project focused on the creation of sustainable concepts for Home. The eleven Indonesian companies who participated in that project all work with materials from renewable sources, such as: palm leaf, seagrass, jute, water hyacinth and rattan and bamboo. These raw materials are quite versatile and, with the help of some exciting techniques, were turned into beautiful accessories for the home, such as basketry, small furniture, wall and floor deco, but also lighting and candles. Along the way, many of the companies have started to work according to the Fairtrade principle, as a long-term commitment to sustainability. 

With the help of the CBI Coaches, each of the companies in this Export Coaching Project has managed to create its own signature style collection, marrying traditional skills with contemporary influences. For products that appeal now and in the future!

A selection of the participating companies:


Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in mid- to higher-end HD manufacturers specialised in natural fiber from Indonesia. You can contact CBI to get more information or to meet with these suppliers who are being trained to export to Europe.


Should you have questions on any aspect of the project, please send your email to consumer@cbi.eu. Another possibility is to meet the suppliers at the next international event they will attend. Please find more information on https://www.cbi.eu/events/.

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