CBI's top 5 articles of 2022

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In 2022, we celebrated 50 years of CBI, 5 decades of supporting over 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from developing countries. Next to celebrating, we shared many news articles and stories. With the end of the year approaching fast, now is the perfect time to look back at the articles you enjoyed the most before heading into 2023.

So, what piqued your interest the most in 2022? Here are the 5 most-read CBI articles of 2022.

1.    How the war in Ukraine is affecting international trade and emerging economies

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This year, war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. The economic effects of the war were felt worldwide and probably still will be in the new year. Many of you read this article to learn more about disrupted supply chains, increased prices and inflation, and challenges for exporters. After this article, we published several more on the developments around the war in Ukraine

2.    The European Due Diligence Act

Due diligence

Although we published this article in 2021, many of you were still interested in this topic. In 2021, the European Union (EU) announced mandatory legislation on due diligence to encourage companies to take action to ensure human rights and reduce their environmental impact. This legislation has consequences for companies throughout the entire supply chain.

Another EU regulation affecting businesses is the European Green Deal (EGD). Find out more in our study: The EU Green Deal – How will it impact my business?

3.    Regenerative tourism: The next step in sustainable tourism

Regenerative tourism

Many of you were eager to learn about the shifting focus of sustainable tourism. We looked at the new direction in which sustainable tourism is moving, what regenerative tourism is, and its opportunities. If you have not watched our webinar on this topic yet, check it out: Opportunities in the regenerative tourism market.

4.    Palm oil & alternatives: Sustainable sourcing

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In recent years, palm oil has received negative attention, with many concerned about its environmental impact. So, it is not surprising that many of you read our article on alternatives to palm oil. Many users have switched to alternative vegetable oils, which provides opportunities for exporters in developing countries. For more information, read our study on the European market potential for palm oil alternatives.

5.    New EU regulation on maximum levels for chlorate and perchlorate

New EU regulation on maximum levels for chlorate and perchlorate

Chlorate and perchlorate are a risk to human health. In a study, the European Food Safety Authority found that chlorate levels in drinking water and foods were too high. So, in 2020, the European Commission set new maximum residue levels for chlorate and perchlorate in foods. In 2022, many of you wanted to learn more about the maximum levels for chlorate and perchlorate.

Honourable mentions

Besides the top 5, you enjoyed reading these articles published in 2022 the most.  

1. Opportunities and challenges of exporting East African avocados to Europe

The European market for avocados continues to grow, and so does global production. What are the opportunities and challenges for emerging suppliers in Africa?

2. How digitalisation is shaping the apparel industry

Digitalisation was crucial in 2022 for apparel manufacturers. They needed to adapt to stricter requirements on sustainable production, price pressure, rising shipping costs and the demand for smaller orders and faster delivery. 

3. Growing consumer appetite for moringa

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers thought more about their health and diets. So, vitamins, nutritional supplements and superfoods like moringa were in high demand.

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