Shea Nigeria

This project helps selected Nigerian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives establish themselves in European Union (EU) and regional markets. It focuses on fairly-sourced shea from women producers and cooperation with different Business Support Organisations in the sector.

Project goals

  • Generate high-value and sustainably-produced shea products for the regional and EU markets;
  • Generate decent work for women ;
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of the Nigerian shea sector.  

To achieve these goals, the project focuses on:

  • Market Development: helping selected Nigerian Shea export organisations become competitive, add value and access the EU market.
  • Women producers: Improving the income of women producer groups. Also, ensuring health and safety measures are in place for several women producer groups;
  • Shea sector:  Helping sector stakeholders jointly define and develop a sector export marketing plan.  

Project participants and products

A total of 12 companies are taking part in this export coaching project. Product: Shea.

Adunni Organics

Agriable Limited

Ates Okwy Limited

Dijmeds Ventures Limited

GlobalPlex Trading Ltd

Hayloft Limited

Jean Edwards Oil Ltd

Oklan Best Ltd

P.R.I. Global Ventures Limited

Prescient Global Nig. Ltd

Qu Viro Nigeria Limited

Salid Agriculture Nigeria Limited


The participating companies and Business Support Organisations in the sector will attend a strategic conference on 28 September 2022.

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