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CBI has developed  an export coaching programme for SME tour operators (TO) in Myanmar for the period 2018-2021. The focus will be on coaching TO’s in order to improve their business practices and meet EU market trends and requirements. The main goal is to contribute to employment creation, sharing of additional wealth created and long term sustainability of their business. CBI’s support an expertise will help TO’s to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. This programme should lead to improved business performance and increased exports among supported TO’s.

Furthermore, Business Support Organisations (BSO) will be supported to help create a better business environment that facilitates export and allows tourism companies to thrive. Also, CBI will work with government institutions to improve service delivery and reduce the obstacles for export to the European Union. The focus of the programme will be on sustainable tourism development and community based tourism (CBT).

European outbound tour operators are looking into different ways to make their product offerings more sustainable. The issue of transportation within the tourism destinations has become top priority on the tourism agenda. It is important for tourism businesses to manage a sustainable product development. With this project CBI supports more than twenty inbound tour operators with incorporating sustainability an integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their supply chain. Read this press release of 24th October 2019 for further information about this project and for accreditation to the Travelife Award Ceremony in Yangon.


This project is a parallel project to the NTF4 project implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC) on Sustainable tourism development in Kayah State and Tanintharyi State in Myanmar and financed by the Netherlands government.

Focal points project:

  • Strengthening the capacity of SME tour operators by 4 year coaching and guidance with market entrance, specifically assisting 24 selected tour operators from Myanmar with market access to  the European markets;
  • Capacity building of SME tour operators on marketing skills, product diversification and CBT product development skills, organisational management skills (how to retain your staff), sustainability skills and digital marketing skills;
  • Capacity building of the Tour Operator association UMTA to establish a peer group learning system;
  • Capacity building of Myanmar Tourism Marketing organization on digital marketing and social media campaigns;
  • Support the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and other stakeholders with national digital marketing;
  • Increase level of compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility principles in the Myanmar tourism sector through implementation of the Travelife sustainability criteria by tour operators and developing a local Travelife network with stakeholder involvement.

Project partners and participants

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism (MoHT)
Myanmar Tourism Marketing (MTM)
Union of Myanmar Travel Association (UMTA)
Myanmar Tourism federation (MTF)
24 Myanmar Tour Operators / Destination Management Companies

A total of 23 companies are taking part in this export coaching programme

Name of company

link to their website

Amazing Time Travels

Asian Tour Myanmar

Beyond Boundaries

En Route Travels & Tours

Golden Orbit Int'l Travels & Tours

Lucky Treasure Travels

Myanmar Shalom Travels

Myanmar Upper Land | culture & travel

Peace House Travel

Pro Niti

Sky Bird Travels & Tours

Take Me To Myanmar Tour

The Mighty Myanmar Travel

Trails of Myanmar Travel

Wazo Travels

Interconnection Travels

Kinnari Travels and Tours

Magado Travel

Mira Travels & Enterprises

S.S.T. Tourism

Shan Yoma Travel & Tours

SunBird Tours

Sweet Memory Travel

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