What are the opportunities for the Jordanian apparel industry?

After thorough value chain research, Jordan proved to have high-quality and favourable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) conditions. The increasing European market demand for sportswear and Islamic wear offers various growth opportunities. Jordan has already had impressive exports to the United States (USA). So, the Jordanian fashion industry has the opportunity to become a new destination for the European fashion industry, too.

To help garment producers do business in Europe, CBI started a 4-year project in 2019. Jiries Majrouh, manager at Jordan clothing manufacturer Hadayana, explains more about the CBI Project, his experiences and lessons learnt.  

Meeting European requirements

Exporters to the European Union (EU) need to meet specific standards. CBI provided current market insights, which helped Hadayana meet the necessary European export requirements. Jiries Majrouh of Hadayana states the importance of this:

"If you do not understand the required standards for the European market, you might produce something and, at the end of the day, not be able to export it to Europe."

Market opportunities

Knowing the European demands, Hadayana invested in automated machinery to increase the quality of its products. The company also improved the accuracy of the production process and the output capacity.

"During the project, we looked at export markets and how to understand and study them to increase our exports. We looked at lean production, cost calculation and best practices in the manufacturing facility," Mr Majrouh explains.

Leading apparel exporter

Despite COVID-19, the company expanded and increased the export of its products with the help of CBI. "CBI provided us with a lot of helpful information. We could study markets to increase our exports," says Mr Majrouh. After more than 50 years in business, Hadayana flourished to become a leading exporter of baby's and children's clothes. "I believe that Jordan's geographical location plays an important role in our industry. The lessons learnt during COVID-19 allow us to be a leading apparel exporter."

The future of Jordanian apparel

The Jordan manufacturers feel prepared for the future through this project. Mr Majrouh explains that he implemented advice from the course in ergonomics. The company has improved:

  • engineering in the production process;
  • lean production;
  • line balancing; and
  • market research.  

Hadayana already uses part of the new automated machinery. Mr Majrouh explains that the company will teach its employees to use the rest of the new machinery after peak season ends. "My vision for the future is to grow my business in a way where I can export to Europe, the USA and the Middle East and North African (MENA) region."

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Watch the video of Hadayana here. Read to learn more about the Apparel Jordan project.

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