New technical requirements for the CBI website and forms

Government websites are secure. This means people with malicious intent cannot intercept and read the information you send via a form, for example. CBI will switch to a new generation of certificates on 20 March 2020. These will not work with outdated software, such as an old version of Windows. If you have outdated software, you will not be able to use government websites.

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G3 and EV certificates

Public Key Infrastructure for the government certificates, also known as PKIoverheid certificates, are used to secure websites. Due to new technical requirements, government organisations will have to switch to a new generation of PKIoverheid certificates (G3) in the years ahead. Government websites can also choose to use what are known as PKIoverheid Extended Validation certificates (EV). These provide extra information about the identity of the website.

If you have outdated software, you will not be able to use government websites unless you manually add the new so-called root CA certificates: you can download the certificates via the links in the blue area on our test page.

Test page

On our test page, you can test whether your computer system is suitable for PKIoverheid G3 and EV certificates and whether you can continue to use our website. If you see a green area with a success message, that means your web browser is suitable for viewing government websites that are protected with the latest certificates. If you do not see a green area, you will need to update your computer system, phone or browser to the latest version. The table on the test page shows the minimum software versions required for optimal viewing of government websites. You will also find a more specific and comprehensive overview of browsers and operating systems when you click on the link below the table on the test page.

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