Moldovan honey receives Superior Taste Award

In 2018, CBI launched the Agrofood Moldova project. This project focuses on helping Moldovan businesses that produce fresh fruit, processed fruit, and honey enter the European market. The first 2 years went as planned. But everything changed during the coronavirus pandemic. Trade fairs and activities were cancelled. But, in 2021, the Superior Taste Award went ahead. 2 honey businesses from the CBI project took part. And they both achieved good results.

Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taking part in trade fairs and meeting potential buyers are important activities in the Agrofood Moldova project. But, these could not continue as planned in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We could still offer some activities virtually, but we had to adapt or cancel others,” says Afke van der Woude, CBI Project Manager. “That is when we had the idea to take part in the Superior Taste Award. Businesses send in samples of their products. A panel of experts then assesses the samples. Companies can use the results to communicate the superior quality of their products to buyers and consumers.”

A first in Moldovan history

The International Taste Institute in Brussels organises the Superior Taste Award. One of the winners this year was raw buckwheat honey from CBI project participant Apinatur. The Moldovan exporter scored an equivalent of 2 stars, a first in Moldovan history. Sanda Condradiuc, Marketing and Sales Director at Apinatur, states, “The application process takes some effort and involves certain costs. CBI supported us and another honey company. They helped with the application process and communication with the organisers.” The other SME taking part, Regina Naturii, also did well with its acacia honey.

The award appeals to consumers. Apinatur is very excited about this. “We provide pure honey for pure living, so quality is a top priority for us,” Ms Condradiuc explains, “Our performance at the Superior Taste Award shows the quality and expertise of the brand. And it shows European consumers what to expect from Moldovan honey.”

An inspiring partnership

Ms Condradiuc says the CBI project helped a lot. “It was really inspiring to be a part of this project. I have a background in marketing and sales, but CBI helped us apply best practices to how we work.”

The Agrofood Moldova project

Reindert Dekker, an expert on natural ingredients and fine food, says that Moldova has a good range of fresh fruit and fine foods. But, as a non-European country, exporting to the European market can be challenging. CBI’s 4-year Agrofood Moldova project helps participants learn about the European market and find opportunities to enter it. 18 SMEs are taking part. 11 SMEs work with fresh fruit, and 7 work with processed fruits or honey. For this project, CBI works with local partners, such as the International Finance Corporation and Moldova Fruct.

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