Import from a developing country

Are you interested in importing from a developing country? Or do you want to outsource business processes or IT? We can put you in touch with reliable, certified suppliers equipped for doing business with a European partner.

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Participate in an export coaching project

Are you looking for good, reliable suppliers in developing countries? Collaborate with us in one of our export coaching projects.

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Opportunities in developing countries

Are you looking for sourcing opportunities in developing countries? We have published several studies that might be of help to you.

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Meet suppliers at trade fairs and other events

Travelling to a developing country to find suppliers can cost a lot of time and resources. We regularly invite preselected exporters from developing countries to Europe for trade fairs and other events. Find out how and where you can meet them.

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Do you have a question about doing business in a developing country? Want to know more about getting involved in our work?

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