Webinar: African spices - seizing opportunities in Europe

As our climate and global consumption patterns change, so does the market for spices and herbs. New opportunities are emerging for exporting African-grown spices. Discover how African spice producers can meet EU demands and benefit from the new market opportunities.

During this webinar, we explored these market opportunities for spices in Europe. We will also provide insights into the key success factors for entering the EU spice market.

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This webinar was for entrepreneurs and business support organisations (BSOs) in the spices and herbs sector. Especially those based in Africa or other emerging spice-producing regions. It is ideal for anyone interested in exporting to the European market and who wants to understand the opportunities and requirements for success.


11:00 – 11:05: Opening remarks and introduction by Thomas Vonk (CBI).
11:05 – 11:15: Overview of the European spices and herbs market & recent trade developments.
11:15 – 11:35: Understanding the main success factors for African spices to enter the EU market.
11:35 – 11:40: Questions and answers.
11:40 – 12:00: Expert insights: Paul de Rooij on importing and investing in African spices.
12:00 – 12:20: Questions and answers.
12:30 - Closing


Thomas Vonk hosted this webinar. Thomas is the CBI programme manager of Market Intelligence for the spices and herbs sector. Presenters include:

Poul Wiertsema, consultant at Spice & Advice

Poul has been an independent consultant since 2020. He has wide experience in the international B2B food industry. His experience includes about 15 years in the spice industry as strategic purchase manager for the European companies Intertaste and Euroma. Taking an innovative and sustainable approach to food supply chains is an important success factor for him.

Poul Wiertsema


Luz Maria Barrientos, international Trade consultant at Globally Cool

Luz is a market researcher and international trade consultant with over 10 years of experience in market intelligence, export strategy development and matchmaking. She has helped companies from developing countries successfully enter the European market. Luz's area of focus is the food industry, including spices and herbs.

Luz Maria Barrientos


Paul de Rooij, co-founder of Trianon Investment Tanzania

Paul de Rooij is the co-founder of Trianon Investment in Tanzania, a company specialising in spice processing for the European market. He previously headed Bapa Trading, a spice trading firm in the Netherlands. Paul was also president of the Dutch Spice Association.

Paul de Rooij

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024


Online: 11:00 – 12:30 CEST

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