Wine Georgia, Macedonia, Armenia and Moldova

The wine programme in Georgia, Macedonia, Armenia and Moldova began in 2013. Wine is a major export product for all four countries. CBI has been working with exporters and export promotion organisations in Georgia, Macedonia, Armenia and Moldova for several years.

The wines from these countries have their own special character. The aim of the CBI programme is to help wine exporters to improve their wine quality and to learn much more about the European market. In this way they will be able to position their products clearly and export more successfully. The programme will end in 2017

Project details

The wine programme is now in its fourth year. It involves an Export Coaching Programme for wineries and a Development programme aimed at helping Business Support Organisations offer better services to wine exporters in their country.

All of the companies participating in the Export Coaching Programme are already exporting to Europe. They have exhibited several times at ProWein in Düsseldorf, Germany. ProWein is the world’s leading trade fair for wine professionals. At the trade fairs, the companies have learned much more about the European market. They have also worked on their communication and sales skills.

The companies have also attended specialised trade fairs in the USA and China. CBI did not accompany them to these events. We did help them prepare for entering these markets, because there is a lot of potential for them there, too.

Project participants and products

There are 27 companies taking part in this CBI programme:

  • 7 from Georgia
  • 4 from Macedonia
  • 5 from Armenia
  • 11 from Moldova

The participating companies are quite varied. Some are small family businesses, others are larger wineries. All of them are now equipped for doing business in Europe. They offer distinct wines unlike the mainstream wines sold on the European market.

Meet the participants

  • You can contact these exporters directly if you are interested. Use the contact details above.
  • You can also contact CBI to get in touch with our participants.
  • Another possibility is to meet participants at European trade fairs. Contact CBI for details.


CBI is working together in this programme with the national wine associations of Georgia, Macedonia and Moldova:

Armenia does not yet have a wine association. Our partner in this country is the Development Foundation of Armenia. The Armenian wine sector is slightly less experienced in exporting than the others.

The business support organisations play an important role in the wine programme. With the help of CBI’s Sector Expert they organise trade fair participation for the companies. They are also learning to support the businesses in aiming for higher quality wines rather than for higher volumes.

Get involved as an importer

If you are a European importer, this programme offers you business opportunities. You can meet with potential wine suppliers who have been trained for export to Europe, for example at the trade fair mentioned above.

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