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The Moroccan IT Outsourcing (ITO) services sector offers opportunities for jobs and export growth to the European market. But many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face problems like finding and retaining young talent. 

We are now looking for partners to help grow SMEs' export of ITO services. With the Morocco ITO project, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) wants to support them in reaching their next growth stage. Join us in creating a thriving and sustainable sector.

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Project goals

The project’s goal is to kick-start the transformation of Morocco's IT outsourcing sector. At the same time, this will reduce the country's youth unemployment. We want to achieve this as follows:

  • Strengthen the capacity of SMEs to create decent jobs for youth;
  • Develop services that boost their export potential; 
  • Improve their human resource activities to better attract, develop, and retain young talent.


Project details

This CBI project started in 2023. It is aimed at making the Moroccan ITO services sector more integrated and competitive. The final design is taking 12 months and will be completed in 2024. The whole project runs until September 2028.

Who can apply?

We are looking for partners who are:

  • pro-active;
  • dedicated to drive sector improvement;
  • willing to collaborate and share best practices;
  • interested in finding local solutions for sector (export) obstacles and youth employment;
  • ready and able to invest in their future;
  • open to working with youth and women, taking environmental sustainability into account;
  • focused on creating decent jobs and opportunities; and who have;
  • prior export experience.

You will cover the costs related to your activities and actively engage with dedicated and qualified experts. We also ask you to share your progress and information confidentially.

Why join us?

CBI's initiative is designed for ambitious and motivated participants who want to take the next step and embrace sustainable growth in the ITO services industry. This is your opportunity to make an impact.


Would you like to work with CBI to build a brighter future for youth and ITO in Morocco?

For SMEs

We would like to know what your main challenges are in growing your business. Please


For young IT talent

We would like to receive your input for our IT job creation research. Please complete our youth survey.

For partners

Please contact us at

More information

For more information or to express general interest, email

Meet our project team

Laurien Adriaanse

Laurien Adriaanse, CBI project manager


Heuda Farah Guessous

Heuda Farah Guessous, institutional expert


Annelies Meerts

Annelien Meerts, institutional expert


Amine Zarouk

Amine Zarouk, regional expert


Jack Put

Jack Put, international expert

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