Moringa Burkina Faso

Widely used for its health benefits, moringa has many advantages. One advantage is that moringa trees can grow in areas with soil unsuitable for other crops. Also, planting moringa helps to hold moisture in the soil and control erosion. Sustainable moringa production and processing can help to restore degraded land. 

Moringa tree products are an important income source during the Burkina Faso dry season. The demand for moringa products is increasing in global, European and regional markets. This provides opportunities for exporters from Burkina Faso.

With this project, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) take up sustainable business practices. CBI also helps SMEs find opportunities to export to the European Union (EU) and regional markets. Focus points during the project include corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices and the environment. 

Project goals

This project aims to:

  • Help SMEs become more resilient and sustainable; 
  • Strengthen the moringa sector in Burkina Faso by promoting exports to regional and EU markets; 
  • Develop an ecological and economical business roadmap for the moringa sector. This helps SMEs to produce moringa for economic value, while addressing key ecological challenges such as soil degradation at the same time;
  • Help SMEs apply CSR and more sustainable practices in their production and processing activities.

Project participants and products

7 companies are taking part in this export coaching project.

Company name and websiteProducts/services
Boni Fruit et Maintenance (BFM)Moringa powder and tea, fresh and dried mango, and dried coconut.
GIE Bioprotect-BTrader.
Lawatan Permaculture CentreFresh moringa leaves (directly marketed), dried moringa leaves, moringa powder, moringa seeds, hulled seed oil, moringa leaf ointment, moringa oil ointment, moringa balm, moringa leaf soap and moringa seed soap.
Société Coopérative Simplifiée des Producteurs de Moringa de Komsilga (SCOOP-PM/K)Dried moringa leaves, moringa seeds, moringa oil, moringa root, moringa tree bark, moringa tea, lemongrass, verbena, basil and mint.
Songtaab Yalgre(asy) AssociationMoringa leaves, moringa powder, moringa tea and moringa oil, almonds, shea butter, sesame seeds and sesame oil, cosmetic products made from butter and moringa, and hibiscus flowers.
Yeepaoum ProductionMoringa leaves and root powder, moringa seed oil, moringa tea bags, steamer tea, chilli peppers, green beans, cabbage, onion, potato and lettuce.
Zoé IndustryMoringa leaf powder (oleifera), moringa tea bags (oleifera), moringa tea bags (PKMI), lemongrass, and hibiscus flowers.

Contact CBI to find out more or to contact these exporters.


For this project, we will work with partners. At the moment, we are in the partner design and selection process. 


This project includes:

  • Coaching from international and local experts;
  • Market orientation and market entry activities;
  • Matchmaking events with potential business contacts;
  • CSR awareness workshops;
  • Workshops on certification and market entry requirements for regional and EU markets;
  • Implementation of model interventions at the farmer level to increase supply;
  • Assessment of service needs in the sector;
  • Help to develop (new) important services for the moringa sector.




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