IT Outsourcing Senegal

Senegal's IT outsourcing (ITO) sector is dynamic and thriving. It has great potential in regional and European Union (EU) markets with high demand for information and communication (ICT) professionals. Yet, challenges need to be addressed to achieve further sustainable growth in the Senegalese ITO sector. These include gender inclusion, employment opportunities for women and staff retention rates.

In 2024, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) will start the IT Outsourcing Senegal project. This project will focus on understanding the Senegalese ITO sector and addressing the obstacles to growth. CBI will support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to reach their next growth stage and help them address various challenges.

Project details

This project provides opportunities for Senegalese SMEs specializing in IT outsourcing (ITO). Are you an SME in the Senegalese ITO sector looking to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth? And do you want to improve your market presence in the EU? Then, the ITO Senegal project is of interest to you.

The project will start in 2024. It can help your company to:  

  • Discover opportunities in the European markets;
  • Learn more about European requirements and legislation;
  • Learn everything you need to know to be a successful exporter;
  • Get support from our sector exports;
  • Gain international exposure.


Project goals

In this project, CBI supports Senegalese SMEs in the ITO sector with the aim to:

  • Achieve sustainable and inclusive growth;
  • Develop a growth strategy focused on economic viability and social inclusivity. This includes gender inclusion;
  • Strengthen SMEs' presence in the European market;
  • Develop decent employment opportunities for women in the ITO sector;
  • Stimulate upward mobility of women in the ITO sector.


Project phase

The project starts in 2024 with an inception phase of 12 months. In this phase, the project plan is tested and adapted where needed. Based on the learnings of the first year, we decide how to move forward with the project for the remaining four years of the total runtime.


During the inception phase, we will carry out the following activities:

  • A gender study to:
    • Identify the causes of SMEs' economic growth slowing down;
    • Explore interventions to achieve sustainable growth;
    • Promote the upward mobility of women;
  • A needs assessment to identify the services needed by SMEs to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth;
  • A future search event focused on sustainable growth and gender inclusion in ITO;
  • Establishing a community of practice for sustainable and inclusive growth with partners from the ITO sector.

After the inception phase, we will seek project participants (particularly SMEs) from the Senegalese ITO sector. Also, we will target SMEs with an interest in gender equality to promote sustainable and inclusive growth within the Senegalese ITO sector.

Project participants and partners

In the course of this project, CBI will involve the following stakeholders and partners:

  • Senegalese ITO SMEs;
  • Senegalese service providers, both public and private providers;
  • IT sector associations;
  • Public institutions relevant to the ITO sector;
  • Women's associations with a focus on gender equality;
  • Non-profit associations and business support organizations relevant to the ITO sector.


Get involved as a partner

Are you a partner interested in contributing to the transition to a sustainable and inclusive ITO sector in Senegal? Contact CBI to get more information on the project or to explore potential collaboration.

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