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The goal of this programme is to help home decoration and home textiles producers from Egypt to do more business in Europe. We are also helping them to increase exports in the Middle East and to African countries. This programme is part of our integrated country programme for Egypt.

Egypt’s home decoration and home textiles sector has a lot of potential for export to Europe. Egyptian producers have access to many raw materials. Their nearness to Europe is another advantage. Many companies already export in the region.

Our main aim in this programme is to help producers raise their product quality. That way they will attract different buyers and get higher prices. Traditionally, Egypt’s home decoration and home textiles sector produces mainly for the lower and mid-market segments. It has close ties to the country’s textile industry.

Home decorations and home textiles usually involve a lot of manual labour. This means that growing exports in this sector can create a lot of jobs, especially in poorer rural areas.

Project details

This programme began in 2014 and will end in 2019. In the first year, we selected and audited participating companies. The purpose of the audits is to find out a company’s strengths and weaknesses. After that, we began to train and coach the participants. We are also working with business support organisations to strengthen the sector as a whole.

One of our main focal points in this programme is to improve the value chain. By strengthening the value chain, we can help the sector do more and better business.

One aspect of this is sector branding. We are also working to create a more enabling environment. This means getting conditions in place for successful exports, for example: infrastructure, pricing, sourcing and collaboration. Traditionally, the driving force behind this sector was the availability of raw materials.

Most of the participants started exhibiting at European trade fairs, such as Ambiente in Germany and Maison et Objet in France. In order to get more regional exports, some will also exhibit at the Index International Design Exhibition in Dubai, United Arad Emirates. All of these are important international trade fairs. Many of our companies have already started exporting.

Project participants and products

A total of 18 companies are taking part in this programme. They offer many different home decoration and home textiles products. For example: wood ware, ceramics, basket ware, metal ware, paper ware, glass ware, artificial flowers, plastic ware, candles and Christmas articles, carpets, bed linen, table linen, bathroom and kitchen linen, blankets, travelling rugs and bedspreads.

Meet the participants

  • You can contact CBI to get in touch with these exporters.
  • Another possibility is to meet these potential suppliers at the trade fairs we will attend with them in Europe. For more details, contact CBI.


The CBI program is not only geared to the participating companies, but tries to improve the sector as a whole. To improve the organization of the Egyptian HDHT sector CBI works together with two partner organizations to change this. We are also helping these partners to further professionalize their services to exporters.

One of our partners is the Egyptian Export Council for Handicrafts (EECH).

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in home decorations and home textiles from Egypt? If you are, you can contact CBI to get more information, or to meet with potential suppliers who have been trained for export to Europe.

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