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In Europe, interest in new, more eco-friendly products is growing. And so is the number of tourists attracted by the Southeast Asian culture. These trends fit in well with the supply potential of Cambodia. They create excellent opportunities for producers of home decoration and home textiles (HDHT) in the country. The main goal of this CBI project is to help the HDHT sector in Cambodia improve its export position on the European market by reducing export marketing-related barriers.

Project details

This project will help traditionally social enterprises become successful in the European Union export market from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) point of view. It will help sector stakeholders embed sustainable practices throughout the chain. The goal of this project is to position Cambodia in the EU market as THE sourcing destination for products with green and CSR values.

This project involves:

  • Business export coaching:
    • Group workshops on identified subjects;
    • Individual company coaching from a CBI HDHT expert.
  • Capacity development in the export enabling environment.

Project participants and products

A total of 12 companies are taking part in this export coaching project.

Name of the Company

Products / services

A.N.D. / Artisan Designer

re-/up-cycling to create decorative accessories, desk/home office-related items, personal accessories, shoppers and table/kitchenware (in the wood/porcelain). Cotton weaving

Color Silk Enterprise

hand-woven cottons and silks, fabric by the metre, scarves and fashion, textile home accessories.

Fair Weave

Textile home accessories, throws and cushions; personal accessories: scarves.


Metal garden/outdoor implements with a specific touch of Cambodia in its additional materials (natural fibres)

Lotus Silk

Scarves, fashion and home textiles from silk and cotton fibres.


Eye-catching basketry, including bags, in rattan and willow

Norea Angkor Handicrafts Co. Ltd.

lampshades, home textiles, cushions, throws, bedding.

Reakossa Arts

hand-made soaps, scented candles, home- and body scents, decorative accessories


Textile-based home accessories, office/school, travel items, slippers, bags, mats and surfaces made of rush, a reed.

Sentosa Silk

fashionwear of silk and cotton, accessories and home textiles, like bedding and cushions. Hand-woven products: ikat, brocade, embroidery, organza, tie & dye.

Mordock Ceramics

ceramics for the home from tableware to candle holders, figurines and vases.

Women For Women Foundation

hand-woven cotton and silk home textiles (eps. cushions), as well as scarves and other items related to fashion, textile jewellery and personal accessories

Contact CBI to find out more or to contact these exporters.

Some of these companies will exhibit at the 2022 trade fair Maison et Objet.


For this project, we work closely with the non-profit organisations:

Their goal is to improve national and international competitiveness for their sectors. They do this by providing technical and information services and enhancing business between stakeholders in the HDHT sectors.

We will also work closely with the following Cambodian ministries:

  • Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MoIH);
  • Ministry of Commerce (MoC);
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWa);
  • Ministry of Environment;

as well as the World Fair trade Organisation (WFTO).

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