Garments (Peru)

Garments Peru is part of CBI’s Country Programme Peru. The country programme covers several different sectors. In the garments sector, our focus is on increasing Peru’s exports of products made of alpaca wool and pima cotton and strengthening these two industries.

Peru is one of the few countries in the world that produces alpaca wool. Alpaca is of a higher quality than other types of wool. In this programme, CBI is helping alpaca producers to develop products that will attract attention on the European market. The focus is on exclusive, high-end garments and accessories.

Peru is also one of the only places in the world in which pima cotton grows. Pima cotton, also called extra-long staple (ELS), is a one of the best types of cotton. It is extremely soft, durable and absorbent. CBI is helping Peru´s pima cotton manufacturers to export baby garments and men´s and women´s fashion to Europe.

Project details

This programme began in 2014 and will end in 2018. In 2014, we selected participants. Since then we have  trained and coached these companies in order to help them prepare for entering the European market. For example, we are helping them to get a better understanding of what European buyers want. This means they are working on new designs and products. We are also helping local garment designers to learn more about European fashion trends. The goal is to help these companies create exclusive products for the high-end market in Europe.

The final phase of the garments programme is market entry. The companies in this programme have already visited Europe to get to know the market. In 2017, they will exhibit at the Who’s Next trade fair in Paris, France, and at Bubble London in the United Kingdom.

Project participants and products

A total of 12 Peruvian alpaca and pima cotton companies are taking part in this programme.

Meet the participants

You can contact CBI to get in touch with these exporters.

Another possibility is to meet these potential suppliers at the trade fairs we will attend with them in Europe. Contact CBI for details.


CBI is working with several Peruvian government agencies and business support organisations in this programme:

As implementing partners these organisations assisted in selecting the participating companies and are facilitating activities throughout the whole programme. By collaborating with these partners, we can contribute to more stable pima cotton production. It also means we can help strengthen the whole garments sector. 

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in garments made of alpaca wool or pima cotton from Peru? If you are, you can contact CBI to find out more or to meet with potential suppliers who have been trained for export to Europe.

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