Fresh Fruit and Vegetables West Africa

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetables West Africa programme covers five countries: Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Ghana. The goal is to help producers and exporters in these countries do more business in Europe.

Another goal is to help business associations offer better export support services. There is a growing demand for exotic fruits and vegetables in Europe. Both European consumers and ethnic groups in Europe are buying them.

The main products in this programme are mangoes, pineapples, papayas and yams. The participating companies also sell other products, for example, French beans and chili peppers.

CBI helps these exporters enter the European market and expand their exports with produce that meets the international requirements.

Project details

At the beginning of the programme a total of 34 companies were selected to take part in this programme:

  • 14 from Ghana
  • 13 from Senegal
  • 2 from Burkina Faso
  • 3 from Mali
  • 2 from Benin

All of the companies in the programme receive extensive training from CBI. Some are already exporting to Europe and/or the Middle East. A large group exhibited at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany. This is Europe’s largest fruit and vegetables trade fair. CBI helps participants prepare for these presentations.

Other companies in the programme are still preparing for market entry. For example, they are working on meeting international regulations and requirements. CBI also helps these companies and business support organisations to build their own websites. That way, European exporters will be able to find them easily.

Meet the participants

  • You can contact us at CBI to get in touch with these and other participants.
  • Another possibility is to meet participants at trade fairs we will attend in Europe. Contact CBI for details.


CBI works with Business Support Organisations in all of the countries represented in this programme.

Burkina Faso

Agence pour la Promotion des Exportations du Burkina (APEX-Burkina Faso)


Agence pour la Promotion des Exportations du Mali (APEX-Mali)  


Agence Sénégalaise de Promotion des Exportations (ASEPEX)


Ghanaian Export Promotion Authority (GEPA)

Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE)


Agence de Promotion des Investissements et des Exportations (APIEX) 

These organisations are also being trained by CBI to offer more and better export support services and to develop better market intelligence services. That way the exporters in their countries will be better equipped to do business in Europe.

Get involved as an importer

If you are a European importer, this programme offers you business opportunities. You can meet with potential suppliers who have been trained for export to Europe. Please contact CBI to find out more.

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