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Do you have a fishery company in Myanmar? Are you interested in exporting fishery products to Europe? If you are, CBI’s Fishery Products Myanmar programme offers you good opportunities:

  • Find out which opportunities there are for your company on the European market
  • Learn more about European requirements, legislation and certification
  • Learn everything you need to  know to be a successful exporter
  • Get support and assistance from our sector expert
  • Exhibit at a leading European trade fair

Programme details

The programme began in 2016 and will end in 2019. Before starting the programme we researched this sector. We found that Myanmar has a lot of export potential for seafood. We also found that the fishery sector is well-organised.

The goal of our Fishery Products Myanmar programme is to help Myanmar’s strong fishery sector do more business in Europe. The sector offers a lot of different fishery products with good opportunities for export to Europe, for example shrimps, farmed fish and other seafood products. But Myanmar fishery products are quite unknown in Europe. Our aim is to change that.

21 fishery companies in Myanmar already have an EU export number. This means these companies can export to Europe. 18 of these companies have already applied to join our export coaching programme. You can apply, too.

Who can apply?




Fishery Products

Eligible products

Fishery products, seafood

Company requirements

You can apply for this programme if your company meets these requirements:

  • At least 51% locally owned
  • 25 to 500 employees
  • No joint venture with a company based in a country with a classification of UMIC or higher
  • Compliance or the willingness to comply with EU market requirements
  • No licensing commitments that prohibit or limit export possibilities of products to the EU
  • competitive prices and sufficient production capacity
  • Management which is able to communicate in English
  • Willingness and capacity to invest in adaptations of, for instance, product assortment and production processes, if and as required by the European Market

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in fishery products from Myanmar? You can contact CBI to get more information, or to meet with suppliers who are being trained to export to Europe.

Myanmar has a lot of potential as a seafood exporter. Until now, most of the fish caught or farmed in Myanmar went to the domestic market or to neighbouring countries. Since the elections in 2012, the country is opening up to foreign markets.

Our aim with this programme is to help the fishery products sector export more to Europe. It is one of six sectors on which the Myanmar government has built its National Export Strategy. Our programme fits into this strategy.

In 2017, some of these companies will exhibit at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium. This is the world’s largest seafood trade fair. It will be the first time in history that Myanmar is represented at this fair with its own country pavilion.

Meet fish suppliers from Myanmar

  • You can contact CBI to find out more, or to get in touch with the exporters we are working with.
  • Another possibility is to meet these potential suppliers at the next big trade fair they will attend in Europe. Contact CBI for more information.


Our main partner in this programme is:

We work with this and also with other potential organisations to strengthen the export companies. We help them to get more and better knowledge of the European seafood market. Together we are also working on sector branding. This will aid the Myanmar fishery sector become more well-known in Europe.


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