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Guinea's climate and ecosystem make it suitable for growing high-quality coffee. In fact, Guinea currently produces a specific type of Robusta coffee with the protected geographical indication (GI) 'Ziama'. Ziama is an initiative by the African Intellectual Property Organisation which recognizes these beans' exceptional quality and flavour. Yet, the initiative has been neglected over the last few years and needs attention. 

In the European Union (EU), the demand for sustainably sourced and high-quality coffee is high. So, the Guinean coffee sector has the potential to grow. In 2020, the Centre for the Promotion of Export from developing countries (CBI) started the Coffee Guinea project. This project aims to improve the coffee value chain by connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the sector with the European and regional coffee markets. 

Project goals

The project aims to: 

  • Help coffee exporters receive better prices; 
  • Increase the export value of Guinean coffee; 
  • Generate decent work at the SME level; 
  • Generate better prices at the producer level.


Project participants and products

10 companies are taking part in this export coaching project. These include: 

Company name and website
Café du Foutah
Café au Light
Café Ziama Macenta
Fédération des Arboriculteurs du Foutah Djalon
Fédération des Planteurs de Café Arabica de Moyenne Guinée
Le Cafe Diamant Vert
Macenta Beans
Nainema Café
Produits Agricoles du Golfe

You can contact CBI to find out more or to get in touch with these exporters. 


This project offers: 

  • Export marketing training;
  • Quality training;
  • Certification training;
  • Help to strengthen cooperatives.



So far, online and onsite training sessions have taken place. Also, to prepare for the later stages of the project, we have started to work with the production side of the value chain. To prepare for European export, we have started exploring regional export opportunities.


During the starting phase of this project, biodiversity was identified as an interesting opportunity. In the Guinée Forestière region, 'agroforest-based coffee' systems are common in land use. These coffee-based agroforests help farmers generate income and meet needs, and provide a habitat for many forest tree species. For coffee production, trees provide the necessary shade. Also, they have a positive effect on production itself, because the high plant diversity results in high pollinator diversity. 

Get involved as an importer

Are you a European importer interested in coffee from companies in Guinea? Contact CBI to get more information or to meet with suppliers in this project being trained to export to Europe. 

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