In memoriam Klaus Dürbeck

This is to inform you of the sad news CBI received of the passing away of Mr. Klaus Dürbeck (1956 - 2016) on Friday December 16.

klaus-duerbeck.jpgMr. Klaus Dürbeck has worked as an expert for several CBI programs on food ingredients and natural ingredients for more than 15 years. Currently he was engaged in programs in South-Africa and Pakistan.

We remember Klaus as an excellent professional. His expertise was greatly appreciated by the companies to be coached on export marketing. His knowledge of products, ingredients and botanical origins was invaluable and impressed all those who worked with him.

Klaus was a true professional and his personal approach was strict but fair. His quality advice has been a guidance for all companies in the CBI programs that he worked for as was clearly demonstrated by the many responses of sympathy CBI received upon the sad news of his passing away.

Working with Klaus was a pleasure. His good humour and light hearted company we will cherish as good memories. Klaus was an inspiration for those who worked with him because of his knowledge, experience and personal interest.

Klaus was also deeply involved in initiatives that are close to the working field of CBI such as the Biofach trade fair and the Fair Wild Certification scheme. We are grateful for the numerous ways Klaus contributed to the work, results and reputation of CBI.

We will miss him dearly.

Our sympathy goes to his family and his friends.

CBI management and staff

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