In memoriam

This is to inform you of the sad news that Mr Hans Hunink (1942 – 2016) passed away on June 10, 2016.

Mr Hans Hunink started working as a garment expert for CBI in 1985 up till 2006.

He always showed a tremendous dedication, as trainer and coach, in supporting many exporters from developing countries in finding their place on the European market. He strongly believed in the importance of a personal relationship with participating exporters and importers. CBI is thankful for his contribution to the CBI programmes in the garment sector. He gave an important contribution at the inception of the integrated export coaching programmes in this sector.

He was truly a source of inspiration for all those he worked with; participants in the programmes, other (local) experts as well as for CBI staff.

Our sympathy goes to his family.

We will miss him.

CBI management and staff

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