Opportunity to take the CBI Corporate Responsibility course during COVID-19 crisis

Due to COVID-19, CBI has noticed an increased demand for distance learning. There is also a need for the expansion of our online services for exporting SMEs and Business Support Organisations (BSOs). Because of this, CBI is offering you an extra opportunity to take the e-learning course ‘Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’. This course is now available on the ITC SME Academy website and will start on May 11, 2020. Register for the course before May 11.

Participation is free of charge. The course takes 4 hours. You can plan these 4 hours according to your schedule. You must complete the course within the two-week period that it is open.

The course will introduce you to the definition of CSR, and allow you to determine the importance of CSR in your company/organisation. You will identify relevant topics and instruments that will help you to develop and include a CSR strategy in your business strategy.

Register now

CSR is an important topic. It is part of everyone’s daily business globally, and it continues to grow in importance. The importers that we work with strongly encourage you to sign up. Make sure you register for the online CSR course before May 11th to be able to participate and benefit from this extra opportunity to take the course.

Collaboration with IPD and ITC

CBI is member of the Trade-Related Instruments Connected network (TRIC). The European TRIC-network is a network of governmental or governmentally-mandated organisations in Europe and the European Free Trade Association countries. These organisations are active in the Aid for Trade pillar, focussing on export development and export promotion. Within this network, partners are looking for opportunities to collaborate in their activities.

In 2017, IPD, ITC and CBI jointly developed the basic e-learning course: ‘Introduction to CSR’. IPD financed the building of the course. ITC is the host and is responsible for maintenance. CBI delivers the content and tutoring. Since 2017, the e-Learning course has been updated and is offered 2 times a year on the ITC SME Academy website. CBI is now offering another opportunity to take the course due to the COVID-19 situation.

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