Expro Coffee Peru 2016

This year we will have an Export Orientation Mission for Peruvian specialty coffee companies, as part of the Country Programme Peru. During this Export Marketing and management seminar, the Peruvian companies will learn about the European market, practical information on marketing, export management and promotion in Europe for this specific sector.

During the six-days seminar, the coffee companies will participate in several workshops, trainings and presentations. There will be activities in the following three European cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp and Dublin. The participants will close the week with a visit to World of Coffee fair (SCAE) 2016, the biggest coffee event and fair in Europe, which will be held in Dublin this year.

At the end of this seminar the Peruvian coffee companies will have a good insight into the market and the latest trends. This will help them in their Export Marketing Strategy and the development of their export product portfolio.

Expected outcomes

The participants will:

  • Be able to write an Export Marketing Plan;
  • Obtain relevant knowledge of the European markets and their trade structures;
  • Be able to carry out market research independently;
  • Have gained knowledge of promotional aspects on the European market;
  • Know about the business practices in the European markets;
  • Are aware of the cultural differences in the European countries;
  • Established a network of relations with European importers and distributors.

More information

If you would like to know more about the Export Coaching Programme (ECP), please visit our page on Speciality Coffee and Cocoa Peru

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