Expro Cacao Peru

The market orientation mission (EXPRO) Specialty Cacao & Deriviates Peru was a success. During a week (29 October – 6 November) a group of Peruvian cacao and chocolate companies came to Europe to get a good impression of the European market.

Salon du Chocolat The participants were in Paris to visit the Salon du Chocolat, European buyers and specialty shops  and boutiques. Furthermore, a meeting was held with stakeholders of the Peruvian cacao sector to discuss sector issues that impede exports, which CBI and its partners will tackle during the course of the programme.

Specialty shops Brussels The next stop was Brussels where we visited some interesting specialty shops. The participants had the chance to talk to the owners, taste different chocolates and get feedback on their own cacao and chocolate.

Cologne After Brussels we travelled to Cologne, where the participants worked on their export marketing plan. We also visited some specialty shops, a chocolate museum and a Fair Trade company.

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