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We are pleased to announce our new sector initiative focused on the European honey market. Through various market studies, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) highlights the quality and potential of honey from developing countries to the European market.

Exporting honey to Europe

CBI aims to offer valuable insights to honey producers and exporters from developing countries to boost their European market presence. You can already read several published studies on our honey sector page.

CBI studies can be helpful resources for honey producers, exporters and stakeholders who aim to:

  • Enhance their knowledge;
  • Refine their export strategies; and 
  • Benefit from market opportunities.

By using our studies' advice, businesses can manage the complex European honey market and promote sustainable growth and success. 

Trends and demand for honey products

Detailed analyses have shown important trends in consumer demand for honey products. Research reveals various opportunities for honey exporters worldwide, from the rising demand for organic and sustainable honey to the growing interest in unique and exotic kinds of honey.

By giving you market insights, we aim to provide valuable information that will help your company act on emerging trends and explore new market segments. Understanding changing consumer demands is crucial to staying competitive in the honey market.

Buyer requirements and export strategies

The honey studies not only highlight trends, but also address essential buyer requirements for successful export. Knowledge of regulations and legislation is crucial, and our research has information on the

  • Quality standards; 
  • Certifications; and 
  • Labelling requirements that exporters need to meet to access the international market.

To help companies organise their export strategies effectively, we have gathered practical tips and recommendations based on industry best practices and market insights. We customised these insights to simplify your export processes, improve market access, and maximise export potential.

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To learn more about your potential opportunities, see our studies on exporting honey to Europe.

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