The outbreak of COVID-19 has had major consequences for the whole world. Entrepreneurs have been forced to close their doors, can no longer export their products or carry out their services. In these uncertain times, you can still turn to CBI for advice, the right contacts or someone to talk to.

Our services will go on

We know very well that uncertain times like these demand us to make an extra effort. This way, we connect the government with the business world. We pass on information about the consequences for doing business in the Netherlands right now. We will do so as quickly and clearly as possible via At the same time, our regular services will go on as usual.

Consequences for programmes

Of course, the coronavirus crisis will have an impact on ongoing projects and applications submitted. If anything is postponed, if deadlines for applying are extended or more widely available, we will inform you as soon as possible. 

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Due to the current circumstances, we have decided to cancel or postpone our upcoming events in the Netherlands until 1 June 2020. This decision is in keeping with the guidelines to restrict social contacts. We are doing our best to inform everyone who has signed up.

Market Intelligence

The measures which are taken worldwide against the coronavirus are expected to have a large impact on international trade and the European market for many products and services. Note that the majority of our Market Intelligence reports – even if published in March, April or May 2020 - have been written before the outbreak of the virus in Europe. This means that the impact of the coronavirus on the European market and global supply chains has not been taken into account in our market reports and forecasts. For most sectors, we have published news items to inform you on the possible impact of the coronavirus on the European market, including information on other sources to stay informed.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us. We may be a bit harder to reach by telephone than you are used to. Although we have extra staff at work, you may still be put on hold until it is your turn. We kindly ask for your understanding.


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