Connecting to the market: Jordanian fruit and vegetable exporters visit Fruit Logistica

Between 5 and 10 February a group of 8 farmers & exporters from Jordan participating in one of  CBI's export coaching projects visited Berlin. While in Berlin they visited fresh produce trade show Fruit Logistica, where they got the opportunity to introduce themselves and Jordan to the EU market and meet importers, wholesalers and buyers under guidance of the CBI team.

Last summer all stakeholders from the private and public sector wrote a sector export marketing plan under guidance of the CBI experts team. For the past few months, the 8 Fruits & Vegetable farmers have been validating this plan by visiting all identified interesting markets for the Jordanian Fruits & Vegetables; East Asia (Hong Kong), the Gulf (Dubai) and a trip in April is planned for Russia (St. Petersburg). The trip to Berlin covered the fourth market: West & Eastern Europe.

Since September 2017 the companies have been working on their company export marketing plan. The first day of the trip CBI coached the companies in creating a long term vision fort heir companies and a focus in products and market combinations that they can focus on. In the afternoon, the sector expert prepared the companies for the trade fair by helping them with their company pitches, trade fair roadmap and by arranging several appointments for the farmers with different importers.

Amongst other things, meetings with Russian, Dutch and UK buyers of different dates, vegetables and fruits were organised. The meetings with buyers gave interesting further insights in the potential of these markets.

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