Avocado oil is becoming more and more popular

Avocado on a spoon

Avocado oil is becoming more and more popular as a cosmetics ingredient. This is due to the growing consumer demand for natural cosmetics and companies that want to use exotic ingredients. The popularity of avocado oil creates opportunities for exporters in developing countries.

Avocado oil has many beneficial properties for human skin. It is moisturising, calming and offers protection against UV radiation. It contains vitamin E, antioxidants, potassium, lecithin and many other nutrients that nourish the skin. It also relieves inflammation and can prevent acne. Companies use avocado oil in anti-ageing and after-sun care products. You can also find avocado oil in hair care products, as it can improve scalp health and moisturise hair. 

Natural and clean products

Personal care formulators are including avocado oil in their products as European consumers are familiar with it. Its green colour is associated with it being natural and clean. And there is growing consumer demand for natural products. Previous research by Ecovia Intelligence showed that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for such products.

Consumers associate food-based ingredients, such as avocado oil, with health and wellbeing. They apply this idea to personal beauty products, too. The ageing population and increase in disposable income also contribute to the growth in the food-based cosmetics market.

Exporters in developing countries

If you are an exporter of avocado oil in a developing country, you should take advantage of this trend. Avocado oil has many functional properties. And it is used in many different ways in personal care products. We expect this trend to continue as the European natural cosmetics market has become stronger during the coronavirus pandemic. And this market keeps growing.

For more information on avocado oil, see our latest research.

Ecovia Intelligence wrote this news article for CBI.

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