2021: CBI-supported SMEs prosper despite challenges

CBI annual report banner 2021

The CBI Annual Report infographic gives highlights of the CBI results for 2021. In 2021, 532 SMEs received our support and prospered despite the challenges of COVID-19. CBI helped SMEs become more sustainable, and identified possible CO2 reduction measures. Through 43 projects, CBI supported the increase of total employment with a focus on women and youth.

Prospering despite the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many parts of our work. But thanks to the digital services we put in place in 2020, we could still offer tailored support to SMEs despite travel restrictions.

Many of the SMEs we support faced decreases in income due to decreased market demand and disruption to the supply chain. Despite this, the SMEs showed remarkable resilience. In our Annual Report, you can read about an SME that decided to take action during the pandemic and transform travel.

Market information

We shared much-needed market information with local SMEs. The number of CBI market information users grew by 20%, thanks to new studies on digitalisation and more relevant webinars. 451 companies read 1,427 published market information studies.

Climate focus

As of 2021, CBI projects consider their effects on the climate and reduce CO2 emissions where necessary and possible. In 2021, CBI identified possible reduction measures and made changes. These changes will help with the sustainability transition and reduction of CO2 emissions in agricultural sectors.

View the highlights of our 2021 results.

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