Studies about trade policy, European legislation and access to finance

On this page you can find our studies focusing on the impact of new regulation, trade policy, access to finance and Aid for Trade.

Access to trade finance

What difficulties do SME exporters from developing countries face when trying to gain access to trade finance? The following study, based on two internet surveys and interviews with experts, answers this question:

We've also contributed to the 2016 Asian Development Bank (ADB) study about access to trade finance. You can download this study here:

EU regulation

Here you can find our studies focusing on the impact of new EU regulation on SME exporters from developing countries:

International Trade

Here you can find the Trade Report from WTO with a contribution of CBI WTO 2016 World Trade Report

Aid for Trade agenda

What is the potential of the Aid for Trade agenda to connect developing country and firms from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to international value chains? Here you can find a paper expressing CBI’s views:

Policy Advice

Here you can find our study on possible solutions for bottlenecks that hinder export from specific developing countries: