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Cultural and community based tourism (CBT) from France, Germany and the United Kingdom to Zambia

One-in-four Europeans is strongly influenced by cultural factors when choosing a destination for their main holiday, making cultural tourism a significant segment. However, lack of knowledge of cultural tourism products in Africa, and in particular Zambia, is restricting demand. The UK, with its cultural ties to the country, is the most important market, however Germany has a strong outbound tourism market and offers considerable potential. Community-based tourism is a sub-segment of cultural tourism, and is growing rapidly as tourists seek a more authentic experience.

What competition do you face on the European outbound tourism market?

The European outbound tourism market is a traditional market, where competition is fierce. European tour operators still hold strong positions. To secure your place on the market, you need to invest in long-term relationships with them. Obtain standards, certification and liability insurance for a competitive advantage. Another option is to target European travellers directly. A different and unique tourism offer gives you the best chance of success.

Through what channels can you attract European tourists?

The European outbound tourism market is highly segmented. Key segments are adventure, nature, cultural, pleasure, health, recreational and business tourism. The trade structure has become a mix of traditional and relatively new distribution channels. Your best bet is to use multiple channels. Focus on direct sales, specialised outbound tour operators and inbound tour operators. Independent travel agents and major outbound tour operators may also offer opportunities.

What requirements must my services comply with to attract European tour operators?

The Package Travel Directive is the most important European legislation for the travel industry. European tour operators are likely to translate it into demands on you. Common non-legal requirements concern reliability, liability, sustainability and the protection of children in tourism. Sustainability certification is well on its way to becoming a mainstream requirement. Voluntary ISO standards support safety in several niche tourism markets.

Birdwatching tourism from Europe

Birdwatching tourism is a growing niche market, as Europeans are becoming increasingly interested in birding. Especially the United Kingdom is a strong source market for birdwatching tourism. The Netherlands is also promising. Quality birdlife is key to a good birdwatching destination. Your product and destination must be both bird- and birder-friendly. Safety, accessibility and knowledgeable guides are important, as well as sustainability and additional activities.

What is the tourism potential of Mongolia?

Objectives of this study are to establish the types of cultural tourism products that appeal to the visitors (particular those from France, Germany, Japan, Russia and the USA) and how the cultural tourism offer in Mongolia can be developed along international recognised sustainable tourism guidelines to bring greatest benefit to local communities in remote and rural areas.

What are the opportunities for cruise tourism with guests from Europe?

Cruise tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the tourism industry and can make a significant contribution to a destination’s economy and local communities. As cruise lines are looking for new destinations, cruise tourism can offer opportunities for some developing countries.

What is the demand in Europe for Indonesian tourism services?

If you are active in the Indonesian tourism sector, and you are planning to target the European market with your services, this study should interest you. Indonesia is already an attractive destination for tourists from Europe, especially for West European tourists (particularly from Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands), showing that the opportunities are there to increase your business. This market research can guide you in making use of these opportunities.

What competition does Nicaragua face in the market for active and volcano tourism, colonial culture, ecotourism, and surfing tourism?

In January 2014 the CBI in conjunction with INTUR in Nicaragua commissioned Acorn Tourism to undertake a Competitive Analysis of five niche products that Nicaragua is interested in developing: Active and Volcano tourism, Colonial Culture, Ecotourism, and Surfing. Four Latin American countries that were considered to have a strong international tourism offer based on these niche products and which could therefore provide guidance on best practice, were identified and studied. These were Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru.

Tourism from Europe to Zambia

Europe offers opportunities for Zambian tourism providers. Here you can find information about the most promising segments of the European outbound tourism market.


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