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Trekking tourism from Europe to Asia

Europe is a key source market for adventure tourism such as trekking trips. This type of tourism fits in well with an increased interest in slow travel. It offers great opportunities for developing country destinations with unspoiled nature and good (local) guides. Treks should be graded according to their level of difficulty, so travellers know what to expect. Solo trekking and combinations with community-based tourism are increasingly popular.

What are the opportunities for inner wellness tourism from Europe?

Wellness tourism is possibly be the fastest growing segment of the global tourism market, with Europe as its main source market. European inner wellness tourists wish to keep up with their healthy lifestyles on holiday, including yoga and meditation. They value sustainability, authenticity and a personal approach. There is increased interest in transformative experiences, digital detox, outdoor activities and sleep enhancement.

Senior travel from Europe

Europe’s growing senior citizen population makes this a promising source market. Seniors are healthier and wealthier than previous generations and are more flexible in terms of travel periods than other groups. They are especially interested in experience holidays that combine nature, culture, soft adventure activities and encounters with locals. The interest of seniors in derived products such as spa and wellness treatments is also expected to increase.

Wildlife tourism from Europe

Europe is a key source region for international wildlife tourism. The United Kingdom and Germany are the largest markets, but smaller markets such as Scandinavia and the Netherlands are also interesting. An increasing concern for animal welfare is driving demand for wildlife observation rather than interaction with wildlife. European wildlife travellers increasingly are in search of new and active ways to observe wildlife. The safety of both travellers and wildlife should be your top priority.

Physical wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is possibly the fastest growing segment within the global tourism market, with Europe as its main source market. European travellers are looking to keep up with their healthy lifestyles on holiday. They add wellness experiences to any type of trip, making wellness usually a secondary motive for travel. The target group for wellness tourism is getting younger. This comes with an increasing interest in authenticity, sustainability and combinations with outdoor adventure.

What are the opportunities for MICE tourism from Europe?

MICE tourism can contribute significantly to the development of a tourism destination. Europe is a large source market for MICE. Germany, the United Kingdom and France are especially interesting markets for MICE suppliers in Developing Countries. Small-scale meetings and incentive trips are the most promising segments. European MICE buyers want unique experiences that give them good value for money. Good quality, capacity, flexibility and professionalism are important.

The European market potential for cruise tourism

Cruise tourism used to be a luxurious way of travelling for the rich. Nowadays, it is accessible for many Europeans, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom. There are many forms of cruise tourism. World and sea cruises normally use large ships, which may not be affordable for you as a small and medium-sized enterprise. In addition, most large cruise ships are not environmentally sustainable at all.

What are the requirements for tourism services in the European market?

There are a number of legal, non-legal, voluntary and common requirements that organisations offering tourism services to the European market must or should comply with. European tour operators must comply with strict regulations that ensure their travelling customer is protected financially and will be personally safe while travelling overseas. The most important legislation for European tour operators is the Package Travel Directive (EU) 2015/2302.

Birdwatching tourism from Europe

Birdwatching tourism is a growing niche market, as Europeans are becoming increasingly interested in birding. Especially the United Kingdom is a strong source market for birdwatching tourism. The Netherlands is also promising. Quality birdlife is key to a good birdwatching destination. Your product and destination must be both bird- and birder-friendly. Safety, accessibility and knowledgeable guides are important, as well as sustainability and additional activities.


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