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Sustainable Tourism Bhutan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka

This programme aims at the tourism sector in six Asian countries: Bhutan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The goal is to help companies in these countries attract more tourists from Europe.

Attracting tourists from Europe

European tourists are interested in holiday destinations in developing countries. Here you can find market information that will help you attract tourists from Europe.

10 tips for doing business with European tourism buyers

If you are a Destination Management Company (DMC) in a developing country seeking to do business in Europe, you are taking on an exciting challenge. European consumers and tourism businesses are highly informed, selective and often have extensive travel experience. This document offers you a number of tips to make sure you capture their attention and get down to doing business in Europe successfully.

Surf tourism from Europe

Surf tourism is a growing market, consisting of wave surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. Europe is an important source market, with especially good opportunities in western European countries. Good surf conditions are key, and the waters should not be too crowded. The popularity of surfing is set to rise further, as women are becoming increasingly interested. Wave pools are making surfing accessible inland as well, while the Olympics provide additional exposure.

How to implement online payment?

Online payment methods are becoming increasingly important in the European tourism market. Credit and debit cards, digital wallets and bank transfers are the most common types. Non-card payments are becoming popular. The rise of mobile technology drives demand for mobile payment methods and last-minute bookings. Preferences differ per European country. To increase your sales, you need to select the right online payment methods for you and your target markets.

Light medical tourism from Europe

Light medical tourism is a rapidly growing industry. European patients are increasingly travelling abroad for medical treatments as the price of European healthcare continues to rise and waiting lists are getting longer. If you can offer high quality combined with lower costs, limited waiting time and an appealing environment, your chances on the European market are good. Accreditation and attractive additional tourism activities are key.

Dive tourism from Europe

Europe is a key source market for dive tourism. Western European countries such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom are especially strong markets. European divers are interested in sustainable destinations, with good health and safety measures. They increasingly look for unique diving sites or experiences. As senior travellers discover diving, this growing population is becoming a promising target group. Reliability is a must, which you can show through certification.

Cycling tourism from Europe

Europe is a key source market for cycling tourism. Germany offers good opportunities, as well as smaller countries, like the Netherlands and Denmark, where cycling is relatively popular. Cycling holidays can be centre-based or touring. Safe cycling routes, good cycling infrastructure, quality material, cycling-friendly accommodation, luggage transport and knowledgeable guides are basic requirements. E-bikes and customised itineraries are increasingly in demand.

Promising target groups in Europe

The European markets for single parent, millennial (born in 1980–1999) and group travel offer interesting opportunities. Family holiday offers are often not well suited for single-parent families. European tour operators have only recently been turning their attention to them. Millennial travellers look for authentic experiences. They are an increasingly important target group, especially in mature European markets. Interest in group travel is also growing. This type of travel is particularly popular among seniors and millennials.

Exclusive tourism experiences for Europeans

European travellers are increasingly searching for exclusive experiences across all sectors of the tourism industry. Northern and Western European countries are especially interesting source markets. Any destination can offer exclusive experiences, based on its unique natural features, attractions or culture. Key elements of exclusive tourism experiences include active participation, uniqueness, authenticity and personalisation.


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