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What are the opportunities for cultural tourism from Europe?

Europe is a well-established market for cultural tourism. European holidaymakers are increasingly interested in discovering new destinations, especially if these offer authentic activities that teach them about local culture. This makes cultural tourism a promising sector for developing country destinations. Offer flexible cultural components to appeal to both motivated and incidental cultural tourists. Internet presence is important, as European cultural tourists often book their holidays directly.

What are the opportunities for rural tourism from Europe?

Rural tourism perfectly suits the trend of European travellers seeking authentic, unique experiences and local lifestyles. European rural travellers want to experience natural, unspoiled landscapes and stay in authentic accommodation. Rural communities in developing countries often have great resources to offer such experiences. Cultural experiences and interaction with locals are increasingly popular, as well as agritourism and farm stays.

What are the opportunities for nature and eco tourism from Europe?

Nature tourism accounts for about a fifth of all international travel, making it a key segment. European nature and ecotourists have a passion for nature. They are interested in new and authentic experiences, increasingly at non-traditional, long-haul destinations. Developing countries have rich natural and cultural resources for such experiences. European nature and ecotourists look for natural landscapes, interaction with locals and active experiences. Safety and sustainability are important.

What are the opportunities for community-based tourism from Europe?

European holidaymakers are increasingly interested in unique and authentic experiences. A growing number are willing to pay a premium for these special experiences, especially if it benefits local communities. Safety, sustainability and interaction with local people are important to them. If communities in your region can offer the experiences that this group is looking for, community-based tourism (CBT) can be a promising segment.

What are the opportunities for adventure tourism from Europe?

Europe is a key source market for adventure tourism. It offers great opportunities for developing country destinations, as experience from South Africa and Tanzania shows. European adventure travellers want to discover nature and culture through exciting experiences and physical activities. Safety is a key aspect of adventure tourism. Customised itineraries are increasingly popular, as well as adding wellness and transformative elements to adventure trips.

Explorative tourism by families with children (12-18 year old)

‘What are the opportunities for explorative tourism by families with children (12-18 year old)?’

What are the opportunities for culinary tourism from Europe?

Food plays a major role in the travel plans of European holidaymakers. They like to experience local culture through its authentic cuisine. Interaction with locals adds an authentic touch to culinary experiences. European travellers like to combine culinary tourism with other activities, like adventurous excursions. Food safety is important, as well as sustainability. The Internet is a main influencer. However, European specialised tour operators continue to be a popular booking channel.

European roadshow Gems of Kenya tour operators

Gems of Kenya is a network of 14 Kenyan tour operators that offers a variety of exceptional, authentic and responsible travel products in Kenya, which go beyond the classic Big Five. Sustainability is at the core of each of the member's business models and all tour operators are in the process of being certified by Travelife.

European roadshow

You can meet Gems of Kenya in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Stockholm to get to know their unique and sustainable travel products during their European roadshow.

Integrated Tourism Programme Latin America

This programme is aimed at the tourism sector in four Latin American countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Suriname. The goal is to help these destinations attract more tourists from Europe, focusing specifically on tourists who are willing to spend more money. This will lead to more income and more employment.

Sustainable tourism Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Madagascar

This programme aims at the tourism sector in four African countries: Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania. The goal is to attract more tourists from Europe. In the programme there is a special focus on tourists who are willing to spend more money.

The level of the tourism sector differs in each country. Before we started this programme, research showed that all four countries have a lot of growth potential. Our aim is to help each country become a become stronger and more independent tourism destination for European travelers.


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