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The European market potential for sun and beach tourism

Sun and beach tourism, the largest tourism segment in Europe, is changing. Especially in Western Europe, pure leisure sunbathing holidays are in decline. Although less than in other tourism sectors, travellers increasingly seek unique experiences, which they can enjoy in a sustainable manner. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in sustainable sun and beach tourism.

The European market potential for FIT tourism

Free independent travellers (FIT) are travellers who plan their own trips and prefer to travel alone or in small groups. They are the opposite of mass tourists, who travel in large groups and buy predefined travel packages. Eastern European markets are more engaged in mass tourism, while FIT tourism is becoming the norm in Western European and Scandinavian countries. For FITs, unique experiences are most important. If you can offer these, the FIT market is your primary target group.

What are the opportunities in the European nature and ecotourism market?

Nature and ecotourism is one of the main tourism segments, which includes adventure tourism. The products and services in this segment come in many forms, including wilderness and dark sky tourism. Attracting tourists to remote areas may disrupt their remoteness but may also offer many opportunities if you adopt sustainable practices. The Netherlands should be among your main target markets.

What are the opportunities in the European adventure tourism market?

Europeans love adventure travel. Every year, Europeans make 100 million adventure trips in another country. Besides there being many adventure travellers, they also contribute immensely to the local economies they visit: two-thirds of all travel expenses of adventure travellers are spent on location. Europeans seeking unique experiences, plus changes in technology and the growing interest in wellness experiences are affecting the adventure tourism market, offering you many opportunities.

What are the opportunities in the European cruise tourism market?

Cruise tourism used to be a luxurious way of travelling for the rich. Nowadays, it is affordable for many Europeans, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom. As the demand for sustainable tourism increases, small sea and river cruises which contribute to local communities may provide opportunities for small and medium-sized tourism operators.

Consumer demand for sustainable, responsible tourism practices growing

Sustainability, environmental protection and local benefit sharing are hot topics in tourism, too. As more Europeans make better informed choices about how sustainably they travel on holiday, consumer attitudes like Sweden’s flysgskam (flight shaming) continue to gain prominence in the tourism industry. This trend is set to start affecting the tourism sector in developing countries soon, creating new challenges and opportunities for local tourism operators.

10 tips for organising your tourism services export to Europe

To successfully launch your travel services in Europe you need to know how to navigate the vast European market of tour operators and OTAs. Your buyers are professional, well-informed customers whose primary goal is to provide their clients with the trips they have booked and paid for. They will have a set of stringent conditions that they expect all their suppliers to comply with, often known as codes of conduct. Sustainability and responsibility are often at the core of travel experiences to developing countries.

CBI Market Information Presentations Tourism 2019

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Sustainable Tourism Zambia

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