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NepalNOW Campaign – Nepal’s tourism recovery efforts

The earthquakes that took place in the spring of 2015 in Nepal led to enormous devastation and took more than 8,000 lives. This led to a decrease of the tourism sector since people had the idea that Nepal was no longer a safe destination. In order to reverse this idea the Nepal Tourism Board and Nepali tour operators set up as a website and social media campaign with support of CBI.

What is the demand for outbound tourism on the European market?

As a large source market, Europe offers many opportunities for tourism entrepreneurs in developing countries. Germany, the United Kingdom and France are the largest markets. From Europe as a whole, outbound tourism is expected to grow. The highest growth rates are expected in Eastern Europe.

How to be a successful tourism company online?

The place to find European customers for your tourism company is online. For this, you need a good website and be active on social media. European travellers prefer to book online and expect quick replies. They especially value the opinions of other travellers. So it’s important that your satisfied customers speak for you on channels like social media and review websites. If you manage your online presence well, you will attract new business and keep existing customers happy!

How to start a travel blog?

Travel blogging is one of the most important ways to generate sales for your tourism products. It can increase your sales in your existing target market, as well as create new opportunities, for example by using bloggers from different disciplines, which appeal to a new group of potential customers. Therefore, you need to invest in writing, maintaining and planning your company’s travel blog. To get the most out of your travel blogging, these are our top 10 tips!

How to manage risks in tourism?

Risk management is becoming increasingly important to protect both your customers and your business. You should be prepared to deal with potential crises. Identify possible risks for your destination, and determine your risk management strategy to set up a plan. Train your staff and team up with stakeholders. In case of a crisis, be clear and honest in your communication. Repositioning may provide opportunities to retrieve your business.

How to determine your Unique Value Proposition?

To make sure European travellers book with you instead of your competitors, you need a Unique Value Proposition. This tells them what unique benefits you offer them. To determine these unique values, you need to analyse your destination and your product or service. Define your target market and learn from your colleagues and existing customers. When you have your Unique Value Proposition, use it widely to attract new business!

What are the opportunities for solo tourism from Europe?

The market for solo tourism products in Europe is booming. The number of singles is growing, as is the number of people that travel solo by choice. They increasingly tend to visit developing countries, seeking adventures, relaxation, solitude or connection. Self-development and unique experiences are important aspects of solo travel. Personal guided tours are especially popular.

What are the opportunities for religious tourism from Europe?

Religious tourism is a growing market. Europeans are increasingly drifting from traditional religions towards a more spiritual way of practising their faith. In addition, an increasing number of people who do not consider themselves religious are interested in spirituality. This means that the market for religious tourism from Europe is very promising. Religiously aware professionals who are able to create an interesting tourism programme have the best chances in this market.

What are the opportunities for luxury tourism from Europe?

Europe is a key source market for luxury tourism. It is also growing quickly, as Europeans increasingly choose experiences over possessions. This is fuelling the market for luxury tourism. Tour operators need to offer high levels of service, accommodation and food. If you can combine this with unforgettable experiences and a personal touch, you have great opportunities on the market for luxury tourism from Europe.

Golf tourism from Europe

The popularity of golf tourism is recovering after a few years of decline. The number of bookings has increased, as well as spending and the length of trips. Many European golf clubs are investing in junior programmes to attract younger people to the sport. Although golf tourists value personal contact with travel agents, they are increasingly booking their holidays online. Golf tourism is a particularly interesting market as golfers often travel in groups, with their partner or friends.


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