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Natural Ingredients for Cosmetics

Natural cosmetic ingredients getting boost during COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has increased consumer interest in natural & health products. Natural ingredients are gaining popularity in the cosmetics industry. And more and more often, cosmetic companies are formulating with such ingredients. Consumers are searching for natural products to improve their health and prevent diseases.

Ecovia Intelligence sees growing interest in natural ingredients with antibacterial and antiviral qualities. Such ingredients include aloe vera, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, propolis, and lemon myrtle.

The European market potential for liquorice

There is an increasing demand for more natural cosmetic products on the European market. The demand is driven by increasing consumer awareness of the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients. Cosmetics manufacturers are constantly looking for natural ingredients with active and functional properties which they can use in their formulations, such as liquorice extract.

Exporting Liquorice to Europe

The European cosmetics market offers opportunities to liquorice extract exporters from developing countries. The main drivers include increasing consumer awareness as well as the avoidance of synthetic ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries, as well as the increasing segmentation of the European cosmetics market. Cosmetics companies increasingly offer dedicated lines for specific applications such as anti-ageing products and sun-care products.

The European market potential for shea butter

There is an increasing demand for shea butter on the European cosmetics market. Shea butter is a versatile ingredient that has a wide range on applications in the cosmetics industry. The main driver is the increasing demand for natural and organic cosmetics on the European market. It is expected that the demand for shea butter will continue to rise in Europe.

Exporting shea butter to Europe

Europe is an attractive market for exporters of shea butter from developing countries. The demand for natural cosmetics is on the rise across major European markets. Increasing innovation and a wide range of application of shea butter in cosmetics formulations stimulate the demand.

Exporting Palm Oil Alternatives to Europe

The European cosmetics market offers opportunities to suppliers of palm oil alternatives, such as coconut oil and babassu oil, from developing countries. This demand is driven by growing consumer awareness and an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly products. Western European countries are the most attractive for exporters of palm oil alternatives from developing countries.

The European market potential for essential oils

Essential oils have a wide range of applications. In cosmetics, they are used as fragrances and for their active properties. There is an increasing demand for niche essential oils used in the cosmetics and fragrance industry. This report focuses on frankincense and patchouli essential oils on the European cosmetics market.

Exporting essential oils to Europe

The demand for essential oils on the European cosmetics market is growing. Essential oils are increasingly being used in personal care products as fragrances. Another driver is the consumer demand for high-quality natural products such as perfumes. Exporters of high-value essential oils should target the European market, as the demand is expected to grow further in future.

8 tips for organising your exports of natural ingredients for cosmetics to Europe

Organising your exports is essential for exporters of natural ingredients to Europe. As an exporter, you need to have a good understanding of practical matters concerning exporting, such as customs, tariffs, transportation and documentation. It can make the difference between success and failure in terms of exporting your natural ingredients to Europe.

A new generation of natural cosmetic ingredients emerges

Investment into natural ingredients to replace synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products is growing. Natural ingredients were first used as carrier oils or actives, but a new generation of natural-derived cosmetic ingredients is now emerging.

The cosmetics sector uses traditional natural ingredients, such as fats, oils and botanical actives. New, natural-based ingredients are now available that replace synthetic chemicals in product formulations. Such ingredients include preservatives, surfactants, emulsifiers and bio-based chemicals.


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