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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

What client services should you offer European importers of fresh pineapples?

Finding buyers is a very important part of the export process. Your challenge is to find the right trade partner that is suitable to handle your product and to whom you are able to supply. The essential element of any trading relationship is trust. If you choose for export, you must find a common understanding - even if your cultures are different - and speak a ‘common language’. In your selection, the best would be to search trade partners (buyers) for a long period. Your own judgement and instincts are most important in this respect.

What are the product characteristics of fresh pineapples on the European market?

When exporting to the EU, the most important characteristic of pineapples is it that they are non-climacteric fruits, which are harvested ripe. Therefore, it is very crucial not to harvest them to early, to consider the commercial attractiveness of its colour and to pack them properly. These issues are covered in this module for each variety – Smooth Cayenne, MD-2, Sugarloaf and Victoria.

Promising European markets for fresh exotic tropical fruit

There are opportunities for exports of exotic tropical fruits to Europe. For example purple passion fruit is becoming more popular. On this page you can find information to help you export exotic tropical fruits to the European market.

Promising European markets for pomegranates

Europe offers some possibilities for exporters of pomegranates. Germany is interesting, as consumption of pomegranates is growing there. But there are also possibilities in other European countries. The information on this page can help you export your pomegranates to the European market.

Promising European markets for mangoes

Mango consumption in Europe is showing an upward trend. This offers opportunities for mango exporters from developing countries, even if certification and retail requirements are demanding. On this page you can find out which European markets are most interesting for you as a mango exporter and how you can enter these markets.

Exporting fresh pineapple from West Africa to Europe

In cooperation with several Business Support Organizations we’ve studies the potential of West African countries as suppliers of fresh fruit, processed fruit and edible nuts to Europe. On this page you’ll find our market studies focusing on fresh pineapples. As a West African pineapple exporters you can use these studies to explore your opportunities on the European market.


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