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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

What requirements should fresh mangoes from West Africa comply with to be allowed on the European market?

Buyer requirements are all the requirements you can expect from your EU buyer. They can be divided into two groups: legislative and non-legislative requirements that are related to food safety, environment and to social issues. GlobalGAP, MRL norms and increasingly social requirements are the first standards that should be met when starting a relation with volume retailers (super or hypermarkets), especially in Western and Northern EU countries.

How can I get fresh mangoes from West Africa on the European market?

Although mangoes are well known in the most EU countries, little is known about the existence of 12 different varieties sold in the EU. As the Kent and Tommy Atkins varieties dominate, there is still much to do on marketing and promotion of the other varieties as mainstream consumers choose from what is available but often do not look for a specific variety.

What are the terms for delivery and payment on the European fresh mango market?

Success in exporting perishable fruit such as mangoes does not just depend on their quality, or the season. Many first trials have not lead to others because of unclearly defined or misunderstood terms of delivery and payment. You will have to compete with the large exporters. Buyers of supermarkets could ask orders at the last moment but think twice before saying ‘yes’. The biggest challenge here is to be clear and gain trust, and frankly say to what extent you can meet his request.

What competition will I have to deal with on the European fresh mango market?

The EU market for mangoes is still growing, particularly for ready-to-eat mangoes. Seasonal supplies are dominated by Brazil and Peru. During the early spring to late summer season, supplies by West African are important - but the supplies by Asian countries and Israel are growing. There are opportunities during transitional periods and West African countries should collaborate, instead of competing with each other, capitalize on their advantages and facing challenges.

What client services do I have to offer European importers as a West African fresh mango exporter?

Finding the right buyers is a very important part of the export process. Your challenge is to find the right trade partner that is suitable to handle your product and to whom you are able to supply. The essential element of any trading relationship is trust. If you choose for export, you must find a common understanding - even if your cultures are different - and speak a ‘common language’. In your selection, the best would be to search trade partners (buyers) for a long period. Your own judgement and instincts are most important in this respect.

What are the product characteristics of fresh mangoes on the European market?

Mangoes are widely used in the world and called the King of the fruits and are famous among people of all ages because of their natural and unique taste. Mangoes are also very delicate and vulnerable. When exporting to the EU, it is crucial not to harvest them to early, to consider its colour (ripeness) and to pack them properly, especially air freighted mangoes. These issues are covered in this module.

Promising European markets for fresh exotic tropical fruit

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Promising European markets for mangoes

Mango consumption in Europe is showing an upward trend. This offers opportunities for mango exporters from developing countries, even if certification and retail requirements are demanding. On this page you can find out which European markets are most interesting for you as a mango exporter and how you can enter these markets.


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