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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Entering the European market for blueberries

Blueberries are a typical retail product that require scale and professional cultivation. As a supplier, it is important to operate in close coordination with producers and establish international partnerships to reach major retailers. Good quality blueberries are a very profitable crop, but it takes large investments in cultivation, varieties and packing to deal with the fierce competition from Chile, Peru, Spain and Morocco.

The European market potential for fresh blueberries

Blueberries in Europe have become popular as a healthy and easy-to-snack fruit. Consumers in the United Kingdom and Germany are especially fond of blueberries. Regional differences in consumption predicts further growth of blueberries throughout Europe. The growing demand is being met by an enormous increase in supply, so as a supplier it is important to monitor supply and demand carefully.

Exporting fresh blueberries to Europe

Blueberries are a relatively new fruit for many European consumers. But nowadays it is becoming almost a standard product for most supermarkets. This wide acceptance resulted in high volumes and will continue to provide opportunities for blueberry suppliers. The growth of blueberries has not remained unnoticed – many new growers have entered the market. In a maturing market such as blueberries it is always important to keep a close eye on supply, demand and your competition.

Entering the European market for avocados

The summer supply of avocados in Europe is dominated by Peruvian producers with an abundant supply of Hass avocados. South Africa covers a similar supply window. In the European winter, Chile, Mexico and Israel take over. However, there is room between these supply seasons for new suppliers that can meet high retail standards. With excellent ripening characteristics, Hass avocados are most in demand.

The European market potential for avocados

The supply of avocados is increasing fast, but the European market still has room for growth and can absorb the higher volumes. The healthy nature and multiple uses of avocados result in a strong consumer demand for avocados. Fruit businesses can free-ride on the promotion of avocados, but to join the success in trade your supply must be consistent and of high quality.

Exporting avocados to Europe

Avocados have become a standard product for European retailers. The demand for avocados is strong and still rising and more and more suppliers from new avocado countries try to enter the European market. With competition becoming more intense, occasional oversupply becomes unavoidable. In the next years you will see the avocado market mature further with more focus on fruit ripening and higher standards

CBI creates opportunities for fresh fruit company

Tres Marias Green Export S.A. is one of the fresh fruit companies that participates in CBI’s ‘Connecting Central America’ programme. The women-led company from Guatemala wants to establish a commercial alliance with the European Market to guarantee continuity. Thanks to the personalised support of CBI, they have been able to meet market requirements.  And therefore, have greater opportunities to make long-term business relationships.

Dates with destiny: CBI helps Jordanian date farmers to grow, with new market opportunities

"We never planted a palm tree in our life,” exclaims Omar Khalifeh, grinning, as he tells us the short history of the date farm he runs with his brother Mohammed. The land in the Jordan Valley belonged to his family long before he was born. He and his brother are both agricultural engineers, so they weren’t exactly novices when it came to cultivating vegetables or fruits.


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