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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit Logistica 2017

Find your new fresh produce supplier from Africa at the Fruit Logistica 2017, the leading international exhibition for the fresh produce trade.

Tropical and Exotic Fresh Fruit (Colombia)

This programme is part of CBI’s country programme Colombia. The country programme covers several different sectors. The fresh Fruit sector is important for the country’s economy. Also, growth in the sector will mean more jobs for people living in rural areas. With project support, these participating companies are expected to increase their combined exports to Europe by EUR 3 million.

8 tips for finding buyers on the European fresh fruit and vegetables market

On average about 75% of all fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe is sold by supermarkets. The supermarket share is even higher in Northern and Western Europe, but lower in Southern European countries.

8 tips for doing business with European buyers of fresh fruit and vegetables

The European fresh fruit and vegetables sector is a dynamic world full of opportunities. However, it is also a complex and highly professional world, with requirements and expectations you will need to comply with to be successful. These tips for exporters from developing countries will help you prepare yourself for doing business in Europe.

Export baby vegetables to Germany

Consumer demand for fresh vegetables, combined with trends related to convenience, consumer experience and innovation, has created a new segment for luxury fresh vegetables: baby vegetables. The German market offers opportunities for selling your baby carrots (as a snack), baby courgettes (used in Mediterranean cuisine) and baby corn (for Asian stir-fry dishes).

Exporting fresh beans and pulses to Germany

Beans and pulses form an important part of the German diet. You can add value to your products by differentiating them in the market, for example through storytelling and employing best-practice social and environmental practices. The best time to target the German market is in the long off-season (in Europe this is October-June).

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables West Africa

The Fresh Fruit and Vegetables West Africa programme covers five countries: Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Ghana. The goal is to help producers and exporters in these countries do more business in Europe.

Another goal is to help business associations offer better export support services. There is a growing demand for exotic fruits and vegetables in Europe. Both European consumers and ethnic groups in Europe are buying them.

Natural Ingredients West Africa

This programme covers five West African countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Senegal. Our goal is to help producers and exporters of natural ingredients in these countries to enter the European market. We want to help them establish sustainable trade relations with European importers.

Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables to Europe

The European Fresh Fruit and Vegetables sector offers opportunities for exporters. Here you'll find information that can help you get your fresh fruit and vegetables on the market in Europe.

Exporting fresh herbs to Germany

Inspired by TV chefs, health-conscious German consumers are increasingly choosing fresh herbs to spice up their dishes. An interest in Mediterranean cooking and fresh herbal teas is opening up the market for basil, rosemary, oregano and mint, while chives have long been popular in German cuisine.


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