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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

What is the demand like for fresh fruit and vegetables in the European market?

Europe has a large and mature market for fresh fruit and vegetables with stable demand overall. The need for year-round availability and the interest in new exotic produce maintain Europe’s continuous dependence on external suppliers. You can find most opportunities in the off-season and in the growing demand for berries, avocados, watermelons and sweet potatoes, among others. The competition is often fierce in these products and the ever stricter requirements, especially in northern Europe, put pressure on you as an exporter.

Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables to Germany

Germany imported 10.9 billion euros’ worth of fresh produce in 2017. Most of it is sold through a consolidated number of supermarkets and discounters that maintain high quality standards. At the same time, Germany also offers ample opportunities for exporters to reach specialized, ethnic or independent stores and food services via wholesalers. As an exporter from a developing country, you have the choice to supply the German market directly or use international traders in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Exporting fresh persimmons to Europe

Persimmons are relatively new on the European market. In Northern Europe, the persimmon can even be considered an exotic fruit, but its consumption is growing steadily and consumers are getting more used to its taste. Spain is the dominant supplier of persimmons to the European market, holding great sway over it. The summer months offer the best window of opportunities for exporters from developing countries, especially when Spanish supplies end for the season.

Fruit Logistica, Berlin, Germany

From 6 - 8 February 2019 companies from across the entire fresh produce sector – from global players to small and medium-sized companies and organisations from all over the world - will again be present in Berlin. The entire spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

CBI market intelligence data used for BBC news item on avocado from Kenya

Proud to read that BBC used our market intelligence data for their news item on rising export numbers of avocado from Kenya to Europe!

It is not every day that we see our market intelligence data appear in the media. In this BBC-article ‘Kenyans cash in on avocado craze’, CBI-data was used to showcase the rising export numbers of avocado’s from Kenya to Europe.  

Exporting fresh plums to Europe

The opportunities for exporters of plums to Europe are mainly counter-seasonal. The winter months in Europe are the best period to export, because Southern and Eastern European countries produce lots of plums in the European summer. The European import value from developing countries increased annually until 2013, but slowed down in 2014 due to the Russian embargo. The import recovered quickly thereafter. Plums, together with cherries, are among the most common imported stone fruit.

Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a main entrance point for fresh fruit and vegetables into Europe. Its experience in trading fresh produce and efficient infrastructure make it an interesting country to explore. The Dutch market itself is much smaller and characterised by competitive pricing and a well-developed offer of convenient products. Sales are dominated mainly by supermarkets, making it a difficult country in terms of standards and compliance.

Mali’s mangoes link rural farmers to global markets – and a better future

Known as the king of fruit, mangoes have become one of the world’s most popular fresh tropical fruits. As demand grows, so do the export opportunities for West African countries like Mali. With help from CBI, Malian company SCS International is helping hundreds of rural farmers – many of whom are women – to step up and boost their businesses, families and communities.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Jordan

Do you have a Fresh Fruits & Vegetables business in Jordan? Are you interested in exporting to different international markets? If you are, CBI’s Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Jordan project offers you good opportunities:

Exporting fresh table grapes to Europe

Table grapes are some of the most traded fruits in Europe and over 500 thousand tonnes is supplied by developing countries. Recent years have shown a change in trade flows and traditional suppliers, which provides opportunities for new producing countries that are investing in quality produce. For exporters, it is important to focus on quality and the right variety, mostly seedless. To ensure your structural presence in Europe, entering into supply contracts is inevitable.


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