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Fish and Seafood

Exporting octopus to Europe

Octopus is mainly consumed in Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain. Europe mostly depends on imports from North African countries such as Morocco and Mauritania and European countries such as Spain and Portugal. The supply of octopus also comes from other countries such as Mexico and Indonesia, although imports from these countries are relatively lower. If you want to export octopus to Europe, the best opportunities are to approach importers in Spain and Italy.

What competition do I face on the European cultured shrimp market?

Shrimp traders have seen their competitive position change frequently in recent years, for several reasons. For example, outbreaks of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) amongst producers of P. vannamei led to supply shortages, high prices and deterioration in the position of traders. In 2015, cases of EMS have started to diminish, prices have returned to normal and even low levels, and the competitive position of shrimp traders is expected to remain relatively stable.

Promising European markets for shrimp products

Europe offers opportunities for exporters of shrimp products. On this page you'll find information that can help you export shrimp products to Europe.


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