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Fish and Seafood

The European market potential for canned fish

The trend is clear: consumers want simple, ready-to-eat and convenient seafood choices. With the increasing demand for processed seafood, the global canned fish market is rising. As the demand goes up, Europeans are increasingly calling for improved quality and health guarantees.

Central American fish and seafood companies get familiar with the European market

From 30th of September till 4th of October, CBI welcomed 14 fish and seafood companies and 5 Business Support Organisations (BSOs) from Central America for a Market Orientation mission to Europe. The companies are taking part in the Connnecting Central America Initiative that aims to strengthen Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives from Central America in becoming competitive on the European market.

What is the demand for fish and seafood on the European market?

With an average consumption of 24.3 kilograms (kg) of fish and seafood per capita and an estimated 12.8 million tonne total consumption in 2017, Europe is an important market for fish and seafood. In terms of imports, with a total value of $22.1 billion in 2018, Europe was the second largest fish and seafood importer in the world. Do not, however, mistake Europe for a single market. It is a diverse group of countries with separate but interrelated markets. Success in Europe depends on an understanding of the needs of the different target markets and audiences.

Which trends offer opportunities or pose threats to the European fish and seafood market?

The European fish and seafood market is experiencing rapid growth. Product premiumisation, created through trends in the communication of sustainability, certification, transparency, health and romantic origin stories, as well as industry consolidation, act as driving forces behind this growth. At the same time, the increased bargaining power of international company groups and negative trends, like mislabelling, put pressure on the bottom line of producers. Being aware of how these trends affect your business is an important ingredient to success.

Myanmar Exporters At Seafood Expo Global 2019

The seafood sector in Myanmar has a large potential to contribute to food security, employment and economic development. Natural resources are widely available and many products, such as rohu, shrimp, soft shell crab and pangasius, have a large commercial potential in high value markets in the EU and other overseas markets.

Fish and Seafood Programme Senegal

The European market for fish is growing significantly and offers great opportunities for suppliers. An  increasing number of European consumers is elevating their consumption of Fish. Senegal has competitive advantages as a supplier of fish, particularly because of its relatively high quality, potential for further improvement and the story there is to tell. There is a lot of opportunity in developing market demand for Senegalese Fish. This creates great opportunities for fish and seafood companies from Senegal.

Exporting carp to Europe

Although carp is not among the most popular seafood in the EU, the increase in EU imports of carp is promising. In the last 4 years, EU imports of carp increased with about 22% to €57.5 million in 2017. The chance of continuing growth is certainly there, so Europe will offer interesting opportunities to carp exporters in the upcoming years. The main carp import countries in the EU are the UK, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Currently, the largest EU supplier of carp is Myanmar with 57% of the total EU imports.

Seafood Expo Global 2018

Seafood Expo Global: the global seafood marketplace

Visit the world’s largest seafood trade fair where leading buyers from around the world meet face-to-face with seafood suppliers. The exposition features more than 1,850 exhibiting companies from 79 countries. Exhibitors supply nearly every type of fish, seafood, and seafood-related product or service.

CBI attends SEG 2018 in Brussels from 24 – 26 April 2018 to present four experienced suppliers, representing the full seafood variety of their country.

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