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Fish and Seafood

Myanmar Exporters At Seafood Expo Global 2019

The seafood sector in Myanmar has a large potential to contribute to food security, employment and economic development. Natural resources are widely available and many products, such as rohu, shrimp, soft shell crab and pangasius, have a large commercial potential in high value markets in the EU and other overseas markets.

Fish and Seafood Programme Senegal

The European market for fish is growing significantly and offers great opportunities for suppliers. An  increasing number of European consumers is elevating their consumption of Fish. Senegal has competitive advantages as a supplier of fish, particularly because of its relatively high quality, potential for further improvement and the story there is to tell. There is a lot of opportunity in developing market demand for Senegalese Fish. This creates great opportunities for fish and seafood companies from Senegal.

Exporting frozen soft-shell crab to Europe

The soft-shell crab has a large benefit over normal crab: with its outer shell so soft, the crab can be eaten in its entirety, with no complicated tools to claw your way to the meat. The increasing popularity of soft-shell crab in Europe recently has led to growing pressure on the already dwindling supply from the several Asian supply countries. Overfishing has led to the collapse of many fisheries and a serious reduction in natural populations.

Exporting carp to Europe

Although carp is not among the most popular seafood in the EU, the increase in EU imports of carp is promising. In the last 4 years, EU imports of carp increased with about 22% to €57.5 million in 2017. The chance of continuing growth is certainly there, so Europe will offer interesting opportunities to carp exporters in the upcoming years. The main carp import countries in the EU are the UK, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Currently, the largest EU supplier of carp is Myanmar with 57% of the total EU imports.

Seafood Expo Global 2018

Seafood Expo Global: the global seafood marketplace

Visit the world’s largest seafood trade fair where leading buyers from around the world meet face-to-face with seafood suppliers. The exposition features more than 1,850 exhibiting companies from 79 countries. Exhibitors supply nearly every type of fish, seafood, and seafood-related product or service.

CBI attends SEG 2018 in Brussels from 24 – 26 April 2018 to present four experienced suppliers, representing the full seafood variety of their country.

Connecting Central America

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Connnecting Central America Programme aims to strengthen 60 Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives from Central America, between 2018 and 2021, in becoming (more) competitive on the European market.

Peru's potential as a seafood exporter

Peru has perfect conditions for fishery and aquaculture activities, including 3,080 km of coastline, bordering Ecuador in the north and Chile in the south, and 12,000 lakes and lagoons. The Peruvian anchovy marine fishery is the leading fishery in the world in terms of tonnes of landings, which upholds the country’s giant fishmeal industry. Its inland fisheries, situated in rivers and lakes of the Amazon jungle, are less developed.

Exporting frozen cultured black tiger shrimp to Europe

The giant tiger prawn, also called black tiger shrimp, is one of the most popular cultured shrimp species in the world. In 2013, worldwide aquaculture produced over 650,000 tonnes of black tiger shrimp (virtually all produced in Asia). Most of this cultured shrimp is exported to the European Union. The European market is under pressure due to strong competition from other shrimp species. However, black tiger shrimp remains an important product in the food service segment in Northern, Western and Southern Europe.


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