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Cut Flowers and Foliage

Opportunities for exporting Colombian Hydrangeas (Hortensia) to the European Market

On Thursday 25 February 2016, Kasper Kerver from ProFound presented his study on Opportunities for Exporting Colombian Hortensia to Europe. The seminar was organised by CBI, ProColombia and Asocolflores and took place in La Ceja, Colombia in the presence of 39 Hortensia growers and traders.

Hortensia in the European market

Currently, the Colombian hortensia export depends almost completely on the USA market. Only few growers have ventured into the European market. This market analysis shows the opportunities in four focus countries: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland. The analysis also highlights the challenges for Colombian growers to gain a share in these markets. Particularly Dutch hortensia growers are strong competitors for Colombian exporters.

European buyer requirements for Hortensia

European buyer requirements for hortensia are significantly higher than in other markets such as the USA. European growers are using their expertise and technology to continuously increase standards in the hortensia market. The standards not only relate to size and colour of the flower-head, but also to strength of the flowers, vase life and logistics.

Doing business in the European market for hortensia

Doing business in the European hortensia market requires you to demonstrate professionalism and reliability. In Europe, integrity, punctuality and respect for legal agreements are important aspects of professionalism. Use the information below to convince European buyers that they can rely on you and you can do business in Europe.

Exporting hortensia to Europe

Europe offers opportunities for exporters of hortensia. Here you'll find the information you need to help you get your hortensia on the European market.

Cut Flowers Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a growing flower export business. In this short programme we are helping local Ethiopian flower growers and exporters to do more business in Europe. If they export more, that will strengthen the country’s economy and create more jobs, especially for people living in poor rural areas.

Tropical Flowers, Foliage and Hydrangeas (Colombia)

The CBI’s Country Programme Colombia covers several different sectors. This particular programme is focused on the  flower sector and increasing Colombia’s exports of tropical flowers, foliage and hydrangeas to Europe. With project support, these participating companies are expected to increase their combined exports to Europe by EUR 2 million.

Exporting cut flowers and foliage to Europe

Europe offers opportunities for exporters of cut flowers and foliage. Here you'll find the information you need to help you get your cut flowers or foliage on the European market.

Exporting chrysanthemums to Europe

The United Kingdom, Germany and France are main markets for cut chrysanthemums. The Netherlands and to a lesser extent Italy are large producers and dominate the European market. Chrysanthemums are popular flowers in mixed bouquets and as mono-bunches in supermarkets. After a period of slight decline, it seems that the market for chrysanthemums – helped by promotion campaigns and novel varieties – is on the rise again. This situation offers opportunities for exporters from developing countries.

Exporting roses to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a major market for cut flowers in Europe, with consumption exceeding €2.5 billion per year. Imports of cut roses increased from €161 million in 2011 to €182 million in 2015 (25% of the total imports of cut flowers). Although the majority of cut flowers are imported via the Netherlands, direct imports from developing countries are increasing. Roses are the most important cut flower in the United Kingdom.


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